Mining Review Africa and ESI Africa join forces to discuss key industry challenge

“New mining operations in Africa are being discovered in the most remote and isolated regions on the continent where grid power is unavailable – making power one of the biggest constraints to delivering and maintaining sustainable operations in these areas”, says Laura Cornish, editor-in-chief of the leading trade journal and digital platform Mining Review Africa.

She adds: “with the cost of diesel generator fuel steadily increasing, renewable energy alternatives are becoming increasingly attractive as costs continue to reduce.”

Cornish is also the chief moderator in the upcoming live webinar on 18 July entitled: Gridlocked – How can mining companies reduce their reliance on grid power?

The webinar is broadcast live on Thursday, 18 July 2019 at 12h00 GMT, 13h00 London, 14h00 Johannesburg, 14h00 Paris, 17h30 New Delhi and 21h00 Tokyo
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The Mining Review Africa editor-in-chief explains: “the mining industry now finds itself in a position where it has to consider cost-effective, environment-friendly solutions that ensure not only the sustainability of its operations but improves the mines’ social licence to operate, especially through community infrastructure upliftment, during operations and post.”

The industry is already showing signs of embracing this technology and overcoming challenges to make it work she adds: “a good example is B2Gold’s Otjikoto mine in Namibia successfully delivering a solar power plant and Resolute Mining looking to deliver similar success at its Syama project in Mali.”

“ESI must unlock the grid”

The African Development Bank’s Chief Regional Power Systems Officer, Anders Cajus Pedersen has already confirmed his participation in the live expert broadcast, during which the public can engage with the expert panel and ask questions. The webinar is a co-production between the leading mining and energy trade journals and portals, Mining Review Africa and ESI Africa.

“The electricity supply industry must take action to unlock the grid,” says Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl, editor of ESI Africa, the leading energy trade journal and news portal in Africa.  

She continues: ”The way forward is to provide decentralised power generation using the localised available resources and technology along with addressing innovative utility business models.” Pombo-van Zyl will join Cornish as co-moderator in the webinar on 18 July.

“Our traditional large-scale power plant models and long-distance transmission and distribution networks are unfortunately ineffectual in reaching remote areas where many of the energy-intensive mining operations are located,” the ESI Africa editor concludes.

Some of the topics that will be covered during the live webinar include:

  • Drawing a comparison – which power option makes the most financial sense?
  • How can renewable energy be effectively and feasibly incorporated into mining operations?
  • What are the challenges around renewable energy in mining and how to overcome those
  • The financial benefits associated with using renewable energy sources to power your mine
  • The benefits off-grid renewable energy solutions offer remote villages and communities – and this contribution to an improved social licence to operate
  • Case studies – a closer look at those mining companies who are or have incorporated renewable energy solutions successfully into their operations

The webinar is free for anyone to attend. Register today and pose your questions directly to the panel of experts. Register on ESI Africa, click here.