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A Clean Energy Startup to Watch in 2014

Clean-tech businesses are fast tracking their way into modern society with the techno savvy innovations and ideas replacing traditional methods of business. As precision is key, clean tech developments are a lengthy process and in a world where patience is no longer a virtue, we wanted to highlight a clean-tech start-up which is having a direct impact on the energy sector.

Based in the Silicon Valley Fenix International aims to service developing countries who have limited electricity access in both their homes and businesses.

Basic infrastructures and funding are two key problems which people in developing countries are facing. This clean-tech start-up has launched two ‘Problem solving’products: Ready Set Solar enables electricity access via a portable solar powered device which is currently being utilised in the US and Canada. Ready Pay which is essentially “pay-as-you-go” electricity, which is sold as a subscription payment scheme that can be accessed via their mobile devices. This system may ease the financial pressures which currently hinders many developing nations energy consumers.

Fenix’s vision and mission is to equip 1.3 billion ‘power-less’ people living in developing countries with solar powered devices to ensure the ideal of equal access to power is propelling closer and closer to that universal goal.

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