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$1 million grant for innovative air conditioning project

$1 million has been approved as part of a preparation grant in the development and installation of a water air conditioning system in Mauritius.  This grant is through the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA), part of the African Development Bank’s $60 million facility seeded through Danida and the US Agency for Economic Development.

The technology, part of the Deep Ocean Water Application (DOWA) project, uses cold sea water to lower building cooling costs.  The project, which calls for the construction and operation of a system to pump cold water for use in air conditioning systems in buildings located in Port Louis, Mauritius’ capital, will be undertaken by construction company Sotravic.

Mauritius uses up to 30MW of power for air conditioning currently, but this number is due to fall by some 26MW to only 4MW with the new ocean cooled system.

The African Development Bank will play a key role throughout the development phase of the project and the SEFA grant will cover marine surveys and preliminary designs, and would also undertake a preliminary assessment of the environmental and social impacts of the Dowa project.

According to the Bank, the project woill explore synergies between the ocean and Mauritius’ energy sector to identify ways in which significant cost, energy and carbon savings could be delivered, while also creating jobs and new business opportunities.

“This is perfectly aligned with the bank’s new strategy [of] focusing on supporting African countries in their transition to more green and inclusive growth models,” said Alex Rugamba, AFDB Energy, Environment and Climate Change director.