Energy Efficiency

The power and energy market recognises that climate change is real and among the mitigations against this climate crisis to lowering the global carbon footprint is through energy efficiency. Research and development studies indicate that the building sector, through the adoption of smart buildings, has the most potential to reduce energy use. Carbon pricing coupled with the reduction in use of fossil-fuel are central to attaining energy efficiency. Energy efficiency offers the cleanest resource for clean energy transition while addressing climate change effects understood in the Paris Agreement. In order to realise energy transition, government entities are advised to put measures in place in a form of regulation and standards, these include; net-zero carbon economy, incentivising electric vehicles which will lead to increase in charging stations, replace incandescent light bulbs with LEDs.

food system

Net-zero cold chains for food report

Delivering affordable, nutritious, and safe food that provides good financial returns for producers while minimising the environmental and climate change impacts is challenging.
food cold chains

New report: Food cold chains urgently need to reduce emissions

According to Dan Hamza-Goodacre, non-executive director at the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Programme, net-zero compatible cold chain solutions have the potential to ’bend the curve’ on greenhouse gas emissions.
Green building practices can help construction industry bounce back

Green building practices can help construction industry bounce back

By implementing green building practices, South Africa’s construction industry can recover quicker from the effects of the national lockdown.
climate change post pandemic

EIB unlocks finance for climate change and post-pandemic recovery

The European Investment Bank yesterday approved $14,9billion of new financing for post pandemic recovery projects around the world.
KenGen seeks advisory for sale of certified emissions reductions

KenGen seeks advisory for sale of certified emissions reduction

KenGen intends to engage a transaction advisor for sale of certified emission reductions from the Clean Development Mechanism projects.
Utility CEO Forum Oracle utilities

CEO Forum partner Oracle Utilities on digitalisation and automation

"It as been inspiring to see how utilities around the world have maintained service despite the challenges," Mike Ballard, Vice President Industry Strategy at Oracle Utilities speaking on the by-invitation only Utility CEO Forum.
Digital Energy Festival - AUW PGAF

#AUW-PGAF announces agenda for joint ‘Digital Energy Festival’

Amidst the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the energy sector in Africa, the organisers of the ‘Digital Energy Festival’ seek to address critical issues such as pivoting to digital

For net-zero to happen, the whole world must change

Transforming solely the power sector only gets the world one-third of the way to net-zero emissions says a new International Energy Agency report, emphasising the need for greater efforts in other key sectors.
Loadshedding to impact South African for longer.

Loadshedding here to stay: Energy efficiency vital, says SANEDI

The latest round of loadshedding came as ten generation units at seven power stations recently suffered breakdowns.
Cooling as a service model

Nigerian social enterprise wins sustainable cooling prize

ColdHubs is the winner of cooling as a service initiative, a pay-as-you-store service supporting farmers to secure cold storage for food.

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