Energy Efficiency

The power and energy market recognises that climate change is real and among the mitigations against this climate crisis to lowering the global carbon footprint is through energy efficiency. Research and development studies indicate that the building sector, through the adoption of smart buildings, has the most potential to reduce energy use. Carbon pricing coupled with the reduction in use of fossil-fuel are central to attaining energy efficiency. Energy efficiency offers the cleanest resource for clean energy transition while addressing climate change effects understood in the Paris Agreement. In order to realise energy transition, government entities are advised to put measures in place in a form of regulation and standards, these include; net-zero carbon economy, incentivising electric vehicles which will lead to increase in charging stations, replace incandescent light bulbs with LEDs.

energy efficiency behavioural change

A practitioner’s guide: Energy efficiency behavioural change

This paper shows the role that behavioural sciences can play in promoting energy efficiency, and provide guidance on how to integrate behaviour change approaches into projects.

Targeting industry and infrastructure to realise energy efficiency

High-efficiency motors and variable speed drives have the potential to improve energy efficiency in industry and infrastructure, states ABB's new white paper.

Stellenbosch University scores a high rating in energy efficiency

The Admin B building at Stellenbosch University has received the first-ever Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in recognition of its commitment to energy efficiency.
solar glass

3-Year supply of glass secured for production of 59GW of solar...

JinkoSolar announced the signing of a solar glass procurement contract with Flat Glass Group, securing approximately 338 million square metres of rolled glass.
regulator approves solar plant

SA regulator approves 40MW solar plant for mining operations

The South African energy regulator, Nersa, has approved a solar PV project where all power generated by the plant will be consumed by Gold Fields' South Deep Gold Mine.
low carbon entrepreneurs

Final call for Africa’s low carbon entrepreneurs for Ashden Awards

Previous winners show their mettle as Ashden Awards, now in their 20th year, makes its final call for applications from Africa's low carbon innovators.

Energy efficiency is imperative for 5G networks efficacy – report

Estimates suggest 5G networks can be up to 90% more efficient per traffic unit than their 4G predecessors but requires more energy.
electricity supply

Ed’s note: Finding an end to the electricity supply industry’s prolonged...

Disruption of the electricity supply and demand market in 2020 came in various guises but so too are the development areas that have arisen.
toney elumelu foundation

Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship programme applications open

The Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) is accepting applications until 31 March for its 2021 TEF Entrepreneurship Programme where benefits include non-refundable seed capital of up to $5,000.

Shoprite expands its rooftop and refrigeration solar PV project

The Shoprite Group now generates enough electricity to power over 1,100 households (12,300MWh of electricity) a year from solar energy.

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