GE Steam Power has successfully completed tests for the performance of Unit 1, of the Wet Flue Gas Desulphurization Plant (WFGD) at Eskom’s Kusile power plant.

The solutions provider claims that the WFGD Plant will be the cleanest coal-fired power plant in Eskom’s fleet.

During its performance tests, Kusile’s WFGD plant exceeded original performance commitments as it achieved 93% removal efficiency rate, to deliver more value to Eskom and the local communities. Read more: Kusile Unit 1 brought into full operation

Commenting on the development, Eskom’s acting chief executive Phakamani Hadebe said: “Kusile is the first power plant in Africa to implement clean fuel technology such as flue-gas desulphurisation – a state-of-the-art technology used to remove oxides of Sulphur, such as Sulphur dioxide, from exhaust flue gases in power plants that burn coal or oil.”

Hadebe futher explained: “This technology is fitted as an atmospheric emission abatement technology, in line with current international practice, to ensure compliance with air-quality standards, especially since the power station is in a priority air shed area.”

Kusile power plant adheres to standards

GE Steam Power business in Sub-Saharan Africa General Manager, Lee Dawes, also commented: “The energy demands of South Africa are growing and coal remains a vital part of the energy mix. By bringing cleaner, affordable, reliable and efficient technology solutions to the Kusile Power plant, we have proven that coal can continue to play an essential role in meeting the country’s growing energy needs. “

Dawes added: “This WFGD system ensures the highest removal of Sulphur from the combustion process, ensuring that Kusile coal power plant will comply with the most stringent international standards and protect the communities around it while responding to growing energy demands across South Africa”

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