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The government of Rwanda under the Renewable Energy Fund (REF) Project, administered by the Project Implementing Unit (PIU) at the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) seeks to recruit a suitable and experienced off-grid technology officer.

The officer is to support the PIU of the REF project with the technical due diligence of mini-grid and off-grid electrification investment.

Additionally, the officer will be tasked to improve the capabilities of developers, entrepreneurs and the sector in general.

Scope of the assignment and tasks

    1. Conduct technical due diligence of mini-grid and off-grid investment proposals providing input on technical configuration and life cycle costs.
    2. Supervise off-grid mini grid investment projects during engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and operation.
    3. Advise M&E and Safeguards Officers in project relevant technical aspects of mini-grid and off-grid project oversight.
    4. Monitor secondary market for used equipment; evaluate technology developments to provide analytical support for credit terms and ongoing portfolio valuations.
    5. Maintain relationship with other donors and development partners engaged in mini-grid and off-grid development.
    6. Assist in outreach meetings with stakeholders at national and local level, and with developers and businesses to promote off-grid and mini-grid financing opportunities under the REF.
    7. Assist in preparing requests for off-grid and mini-grid investment proposals for REF financing. Maintain close relationships with relevant technology providers at a national and international level.
    8. Assess in identifying training needs, prepare TORs and obtain training services for knowledge transfer to BRD staff on off-grid and mini-grid technologies and developments.
    9. Train BRD staff on technical aspects of appraisal of mini-grid projects and off-grid business plans.
    10. Provide needs-based training to Rwandan consultants and developers on aspects of project identification, preparation, business planning, and implementation.
    11. Assist in assessing needs, recruiting and supervising consultants to undertake several other support activities such as revisions to Operations Manual, preparation and/or adoption of technical standards and good practice documents, advice to RURA, in setting mini-grid electricity service standards, issuing mini-grid codes and technical specifications, tariff setting and tariff approval procedures, and revisions to Simplified Mini-grid Regulations.

Qualification requirement

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or related subject.
  2. At least 5 years of relevant work experience as an Officer in the off-grid and mini-grid sectors and/or in rural electrification.
  3. Professional/Chartered Engineer qualification would be advantageous.
  4. Well integrated with local and international suppliers of off grid technology.
  5. Off-grid business development and mini-grid project development skills
  6. Expertise in mini-grid design software such as HOMER and rural electrification planning.
  7. Capacity to translate technical knowledge into a format understood by non-technical team members, senior management and other stakeholders.
  8. Experience with stand-alone solar; mini-grids using diesel, mini-hydro, solar, hybrid generation technologies; and/or low-cost electricity distribution.
  9. Capacity to carry out training needs assessment and in establishing training programs.
  10. Fluency in written and spoken English is required with good communication skills.

Expressions of interest

Interested candidates are invited to address their expression of interest with the following information:

    • Candidate information details
    • Proven references of similar assignment;
    • Relevant experience of the consultant;
    • Technical and managerial capability of the consultant;
    • Project references of similar assignment;

Candidates are encouraged to download the template from and fill it for submission.

Expression of interest shall be submitted to the Chief Executive Officer, Development Bank of Rwanda through e-mail not later than 30 April 2018 at 3:00pm Kigali time.

For any clarification, please address it to the Chief Executive Officer of the Development Bank of Rwanda at the following email addresses: copying and

Tel: 00250 78 8306846

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