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The global initiative Power for All has launched the new Platform for Energy Access Knowledge (PEAK), “a first-of-its-kind interactive and open platform designed to organise, synthesise and curate data related to the global effort to end energy poverty for more than 1 billion people”.

Power for All highlights that stakeholders are currently lacking access to relevant information about energy access technologies, policies and markets.

It points out that there is no comprehensive, easy-to-use inventory of the current, critical data needed to advance energy access.

To achieve universal energy access there is a need to address this “information use gap”, and the PEAK (beta) platform offers a direct solution. Read more: It’s all about the data

“It’s not just about making data available, it’s about making them user-friendly. More and more data is actually being generated, so it will become that it’s not just about making the data available, but also about how are we able to use them, and how to build linkages across different data sets. So this is why Power for All’s PEAK platform has so much promise,” said Dana Rysankova, senior energy specialist at World Bank.

About the energy access database

The PEAK (beta) platform integrates a select portfolio of open-access applications that together facilitate the processing, sorting and cataloguing of relevant publicly-available reports and data, to make synthesis easier for a broad user audience.

Through a specialised DRE library, PEAK helps aggregate and repackage the best information into compelling data-driven knowledge products for individuals, organisations and communities working to make energy accessible to all.

Its unique value is in its ability to automatically find important information, smartly organise that information, and immediately make all of that interactive and visual for users.

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