The Lagos State government has signed a contract with UK-based Low Energy Designs for the supply and installation of energy efficient streetlights.

Under the agreement, Low Energy Designs will provide and install 10,000 streetlights in Nigeria’s capital, covering 300km of the roads.

The $6.9 million contract includes the provision of an intelligent control system for real time operation of the LED streetlights. The company will also provide its hybrid energy storage system.

The street lighting systems used will be based on a combination of three LED products namely the Phoenix ULTRA, SunBURST and Norrsken.

The solution provider claims its street lighting technology reduces overall energy consumption, lower carbon emissions and allows the customer to be in control of light intensity.

The ability to remotely monitor operations is expected to reduce maintenance costs. Read more: Public lighting takes an efficient turn

Modernising streetlights

In addition, Low Energy Designs partnered with Nigerian firm Biswal Limited to modernise roads in lkoyi, lkeja and Victoria Island, whereby it will provide 31% of the lights to be installed under the project.

The partnership will include the establishment of an LED streetlights and HESS systems’ manufacturing facility in the Epe town. The plant will supply products across Africa and provide jobs to 500 Nigerians.

These projects come as part of the Lagos State Government project to ‘Light Up Lagos’.

The company’s CEO Alan Parker commented: “We have been supplying our intelligent LED streetlights into Nigeria for over 10 years, every time I visit I get to see our original lighting installations still working.

“With lighting manufacturers virtually non-existent in Nigeria and the West coast of Africa, it is imperative for us to push to the next level by partnering with a local established company (LEDCo Ltd) to manufacture LED lighting locally in Lagos.”

Parker added: “By bringing this investment to Nigeria it also secures a future for Low Energy Designs in the UK by manufacturing the components to supply to LEDCo Ltd for our Intelligent Lighting Systems and Hybrid Energy Storage Systems which will revolutionise the energy market and increase sustainability for the future in Nigeria.”

“Our LED lighting products have been used extensively outdoors on almost every continent in the world for over 10 years,” he concluded.

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