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New dealers appointed by Cummins in North and West Africa

Cummins has appointed 11 new dealers as in-country representatives in the key growth area of North and West Africa.

Following the closing down of the Cummins entities in Ivory Coast and Senegal, Cummins sales and business development manager Franck N’Guettia and his cross-border team now oversee 15 countries in the region.

Ghana, Nigeria and Morocco remain standalone Cummins distributors, with Ghana serving as the main distribution hub and rebuild centre supporting the cross-border team.

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The new dealers appointed by Cummins meet all service standards and business ethics

“We had an interdisciplinary Cummins team meet with each of the candidates. Factors considered included strategy, financial stability, technical know-how and alignment with Cummins values. As a result of the evaluation process, we selected partners to represent either the power generation or service portfolio of Cummins,” stated N’Guettia.

Empowering its dealers is part of the Cummins approach to move resources closer to its customers. “We recognise that we can’t be everywhere, so it is important to have partners who hire and develop local talent, understand the culture and business requirements of our customers and who can operate efficiently. We are excited about the partners we have chosen,” stressed N’Guettia.

Training new dealers for Cummins during a pandemic

One challenge has been providing technical and commercial training to the dealers in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The original intention was to have classroom training in conjunction with a dealer conference, but due to the pandemic, a virtual onboarding event was held instead. This has been highly successful given the feedback received to date, added N’Guettia.

The upside of the virtual event was that Cummins could bring many more resources and expertise to bear than would normally be the case. While hands-on technical training remains an issue, Cummins has developed virtual tools in this regard. “We have restructured our training programme so that the first portion is virtual, with the hope of being able to conduct hands-on training next year.”

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From a customer perspective, Cummins’ message to the North and West African market is that it has appointed capable partners (see list below) to ensure efficient and reliable product supply and support.

The new dealers are:

  1. Africa Energy Solutions, Banjul, Gambia
  2. Africa Energy Solutions, Bissau, Guinea-Bissau
  3. SEEE Energies SA, Dakar, Senegal
  4. ASSEIT SARL, Dakar, Senegal
  5. MAG Energy, Freetown, Sierra Leone
  6. LA Consulting, Port Gentil, Gabon
  7. International Business Solutions, Conakry, Guinea
  8. Africa Energy Solutions, Bamako, Mali
  9. WARWI SA: ATEC, Bamako, Mali
  10. Abidjan Moteur Diesel Services, Abidjan, Ivory Coast 
  11. Compagnie Foncière Et Commerciale De Distribution De Cote D’ivoire (CFCD-CI), Abidjan, Ivory Coast 

Mining and power generation remain the biggest markets for Cummins in the region, followed by marine, automotive, construction and general industry. “This is a strategic region for Cummins Africa Middle East, especially as it is one of the fastest-growing areas on the continent,” concludes N’Guettia.

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