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Namibian power utility NamPower has taken stock of renewable energy projects that were tabled a few years ago and are still under development.

The projects include solar photovoltaic (PV) plants, concentrated solar power (CSP) plants, biomass power projects, and wind energy projects.

The Namibian reported that Tangeni Kambangula, NamPower manager of corporate communications, said the national power utility had its first negotiations a few years ago with independent power producers (IPPs) who were willing to set up these plants, and were issued conditional licences by the Electricity Control Board (ECB).

The negotiations were with Diaz Wind Power (wind), Greenam Energy (solar) and Arandis Power (thermal). Read more: MIGA helps secure long-term financing for solar power

“The negotiations with the IPPs above were unfortunately protracted due to mainly the requirement that NamPower or government accept liability for consequences arising out of force majeure events (natural and political, inclusive of change in law),” Kambangula said.

Conclusion of PPAs

Kambangula noted that three negotiations were concluded, and power purchase agreements (PPAs) were signed with Greenam and Diaz Wind Power.

Nampower also signed a PPA for a 4,5MW plant with Innosun (Omburu), and a 20MW PPA with Greenam Energy (both solar).

“The Innosun project is already providing energy to the national grid, and the Greenam energy project is expected to feed into the grid by mid-2018,” she said.

“Also, soon to come on board is a 37MW solar energy plant by Alten Solar Power (Hardap Pty (Ltd), which tender was awarded at the beginning of 2017. This plant is expected to feed into the grid as from July 2018,” she added.

Unfortunately, the thermal project could not be realised, and it was agreed to end the negotiations.

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