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Meet the Woman Power Boss at #AUW2019

Divaine Growth Solution, a black female owned organisation, with the vision to facilitate and implement 2030 sustainable development goals, offers empowerment programmes for women entrepreneurs.

“Our focus is on clean and affordable energy and gender equality under the SDG 5, we offer empowerment programmes for women, facilitate and project manage women advancement programmes,” explains Yolanda Mabuto, founder and director of Divaine.

Mabuto adds: “We have rolled out a continental Female Enterprise Development Programme within the energy sector. The programme is themed – The Woman Power Boss and will be approached through programme delivery and technical assistance activities.

“We are positive that by achieving this goal we will contribute in national and global economic goals. We will leverage on public and private sector while focusing on developing unique programmes to upscale and fast-track the participation of females in the mainstream economy within energy sector.”

Women are the primary users of energy

To further advance the impact of the programme, the organisation has partnered with the Department of Energy and Spintelligent on the African Utility Week event, to help the SMEs to access local and international markets through exhibition at the conference.

“We also believe in networking and learning from other industry leaders and players hence the event exposure is key for The Women Power Bosses. We are confident that the event will provide tangible leads and strong networks that will elevate these businesswomen,” said Mabuto.

She further highlighted that the programme is relevant at this stage as the energy sector is evolving and transforming.

“Energy revolution cannot happen without women, as women are the primary users of energy, therefore women should be at the forefront as entrepreneurs, innovators and agents of change as they bring more efficiency, more competitiveness and more human sensibility to our common business,” emphasised Mabuto.

Mabuto also noted that as energy policies are changing to include programmes that provide support and access to women-led businesses providing services or contracting with the Department of Energy and Minerals, “it is therefore the right time for woman to utilise such opportunities to influence frameworks that will include specific objectives addressing social inclusion and ensuring energy policy implementation is gender responsive”.

The Woman Power Boss Programme

The Woman Power Boss Programme consists of 13 businesswomen who are eager to add value in the industry while creating jobs for the unemployed youth of South Africa, thus adding value in the country’s GDP.

ROBON ELECTRICITY – Director: Sibongile Ndebele

Robon Electrical is an electrical installation, repair and maintenance business that has been operational since January 2004. We have completed many successful projects in Gauteng, Limpopo, Free State, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape and Northwest. Our business was formed in response to the economic need for skilled, previously disadvantaged people, to use their qualifications and extensive industrial experience, knowledge and skills to empower themselves through self-employment.

What are you looking forward to in terms of market growth?

The society is still patriarchal, and engineering is maledominated industry and being a female trying to make it in the same sector, there is a lot of resistance from potential clients. Recognition is very hard hence the growth of Robon is suppressed.

What are you looking to gain from the event?

I am looking forward to meet with other companies that can enhance my growth and attain more knowledge on energy solutions.

Quote – “I live by what my previous boss, Nelson Mandela, once said: As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

ELEGANT LINE TRADING 977cc – Director: Ntombentsha Mzati

Elegant Line trading 977 is a Black Economic Empowerment South African Construction Management Firm that has diverse experience team to meet current and future challenges within the “Electrical” environment with confidence.


Acceptance and recognition are the most challenges in this industry for females.

What are you looking to gain from the event?

I want to attract, add value and maintain good reputation for developing long term customer base that will lead to partner with big businesses.

UKHETSHEZI – Director: Nontlanhla Nkosi

Quote – “Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success.”


We need to be given equal opportunities as our male counterparts, and the market needs to loosen up a bit so we can be able to access it as females. The oil and lubricant industry is difficult to penetrate as it is male dominant.

MARAN ENERGY – Director: Kabelo Thinane

Maran Energy (Pty) Ltd is a South African based company established in 2010 and is duly licensed as a wholesaler in terms of the Petroleum Products Act and trades refined petroleum products, lubricants, non-ferrous, concentrates and refined metals. The company provides specialized electrical services, “Live Works” maintenance on Distribution and Transmission lines.

Challenges the industry?

There are two fundamental narratives first being gender inequalities throughout the globe and the persistent struggle by women to lobby government to change policy on procurement processes and/or requirements. Although the South African government has made some progress in addressing these challenges, more still needs to be done particularly with regards to funding more women businesses and more investment in skills development of women.  

What are you looking forward to in terms of market growth?

Maran specialises in the maintenance of Transmission and Distribution powerlines under “live conditions”, a skill that is not rare globally, however very costly to obtain and equally costly to maintain. It is also a service that many Utility Corporations in Africa are not familiar with and as Maran Energy our mission is to expand as a company and offer this service to other countries in the continent. Maran is also a wholesaler of petroleum products within South Africa and has already established direct access with Global Refineries and forming relationships with Buyers and Sellers of Crude Oil and Petroleum related Products and aspire to build our own refinery one day.

The participation of Maran in the African Utility Week taking place this May the 13th to 16th in Cape Town South Africa, will definitely offer Maran a much broader platform to further increase it’s network in realising its vision and business aspirations. Maran is also be exhibiting it’s services at this year’s African Utility Week and will ensure that we attract all relevant parties (Prospective business partners Clients and Funders) in growing of business.

Quote “If you desire to make a difference in the world, you must be different from the world”

REQHOWENG SECONDARY CO-OP: Founder: Lindiwe Mkhwanazi

The industry is having to work 200% harder in order to be even given a chance as men think because you are female and black you are incompetent. Employees as well can give you a hard time only because you are a woman.

I am looking forward to the opportunity of getting into energy renewables and being able to supply the market of people in townships and rural areas with solar products at lower prices & partner on areas where women are excelling, where there is still a lack of female representation, and ideas around how to break into the market.

Quote: “Nothing is impossible to the WOMAN who can, who will, and then does; this is the law of success ” ~ Horona Mirabeau

As Divaine Growth Solutions we believe that woman in general are excelling in bringing energy related innovation to the market, they are they bring more efficiency, more competitiveness and more human sensibility. Evidence reveals that women entrepreneurs are in a better position to interact and engage with consumers, women have as strong influences in marketing campaign and teachers for energy technology use. That is why it is crucial to woman in the forefront as the energy revolution has a huge impact to our whole future. It would be a big mistake not to use the women power in this particular situation so that they can develop the youth and empower them through skill transfer

Quote, “Knowledge is not power until its applied.”

For more information about the programme visit : www.divainegrowthsolutions.co.za. Or if you would like to collaborate with us in any way, please email info@divainegrowthsolutions.co.za / call 061 4450658

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