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Liberia: Monrovia rolls out waste-to-energy programme

Monrovia’s Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee has announced his plans to govern the city through the motto of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) – “To Monrovia clean, green and safe”.

According to the Democrat, Koijee said: “We developed a 180-day quick impact inception work plan for Monrovia City Corporation – March 1 to August 21, 2018. The plan was divided into six key components that addressed how we intended to comprehend the workings of the city government and seek to build on gains made by our predecessors and to improve on lapses.”

The key components mentioned include:

  • internal actions, consultations, and institutional assessment;
  • quick impact actions to support the government’s pro-poor agenda for city safety, cleanliness and organisation;
  • assessment of funding and revenue generation sources;
  • engagement with stakeholders;
  • activities for legal and policy reform
  • and work plan output evaluation and reporting.

Mayor Koijee said, in the long-term, his administration will seek public-private partnership possibilities for lasting solutions to the city’s waste problem.

Waste-to-energy programme

He said the MCC would explore the need for value chain and value addition in the waste sector for cost recovery, capital investment, growth and sustainability.

According to him, this would be done through plastic recycling and the conversion from waste to energy. Read more: Ethiopia’s Reppie waste-to-power plant now operational

The Mayor stated that the programme will cost over $116,000 weekly to dispose garbage from around the city.

“Monrovia produces 0.65 kilograms of waste per person per day; this leads to 650 tons produced per day for one million people. The Monrovia City Corporation has the capacity to collect only 325 tonnes per day.

“In 2017, the MCC collected 118,625 tonnes – this is only 50% of what the city produces,” he explained.

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