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With a number of power generation projects underway, Ethiopia is planning to sell its surplus power to neighbouring countries including Djibouti, Kenya and Sudan.

In an exclusive interview with the Ethiopian Herald, Engineer Azeb Asnake, CEO Ethiopian Electric Power disclosed the power utility’s future plans.

Asnake noted that the country has a total capacity of 4,500MW of electricity from various energy sources. Read more: Ethiopia seeks consultancy services for Melka Sedi thermal power project

She disclosed that most of the generation projects are nearing completion stages, which range from hydro to wind farm power projects as well geothermal now added to the mix.

“We have given equal attention to power transmission activities and installed the lines in all power generation projects. For instance, the 500KV transmission line, the first of its kind in the country, would be installed in GERD and the dam would also [be] connected with several big power transmission plants.”

Ethio-Kenya interconnection transmission line

In response to a question about Ethiopia’s plans of selling electricity to neighbouring countries, she revealed that work on the 500KV Ethio-Kenya interconnection transmission line is in good progress.

“Upon completion, the transmission line expected to carry the electricity to Tanzania and other east African countries via Kenya. Due to our neighbour’s ever-increasing demand for power, we are in the process of installing additional power transmission lines to Sudan and Djibouti and conducting extensive studies in this regard,” she stated.

According to the EEP official, currently, over 95% of the construction of the Ethio-Kenya interconnection transmission line is completed and work on the project is executed by the respective countries.

“We have encountered some delay in the construction of Wolayata Soddo Power Converter Plant and currently the work has been carried out steadily. Something worth [to] understand in this project is the operation of the Ethio-Kenya interconnection transmission line is subject to the completion of GERD,” she stressed.

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