Gov accepts report clearing allegations levelled against Eskom CEO
Eskom CEO, André de Ruyter

The Eskom Board of Directors announced they have initiated an investigation into the allegations of racism that have been leveled against group chief executive André de Ruyter, in order to establish the veracity and the basis of the allegation.

“The allegation not only brings Eskom into disrepute, but it also threatens to detract and distract the focus of the executive team and the group chief executive in particular from their critical job of restoring Eskom to operational and financial sustainability,” reads a company statement.

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The Eskom board will appoint an independent senior counsel to conduct the investigation. The counsel will be empowered to interview any person that may be of assistance in the probe, and consider any evidence, and will then report back to the Board and make recommendations.

In a statement hte company said the board unanimously and unequivocally stands against racism and sexism, and for transformation and employment equity. “Simultaneously, however, the board has instructed the executive to promote a high-performance culture to enable the critically important turnaround at Eskom to be delivered as soon as possible.”

Eskom stressed in the statement that “in the event anyone has any reason to feel aggrieved because of racist or sexist behaviour, this must be raised by using the well-established internal grievance processes, which will ensure that such allegations are properly investigated, and if found to be warranted, will result in disciplinary action in accordance with labour law, against the perpetrator of such unacceptable behaviour.

“The board is aware of, and grateful to the majority of Eskom employees who work hard in fulfilling their duties, which are of national importance in providing reliable and affordable electricity to South Africa. The board is committed to transparency and will provide updates at critical stages of the investigation.”