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Concerned scientists guide utility EV plans with new fact sheet

The Union of Concerned Scientists has issued a fact sheet to guide utility investments in the development of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure.

In making decisions to invest in EV infrastructure the Union recommends utilities to:

  • Consider providing EV chargers where people live and work:

Providing universal access to home and work charging should be a priority and would encourage EV adoption since:

  1. a) Charging at home overnight and at work during the day would help consumers to avoid very expensive peak demand EV charging.
  2. b) Workplace charging would encourage adoption through professional networks and overnight charging would allow the use of EVs for long distances.
  • Create a network of high-speed EV chargers along highways

Chargers along highways, most of which are ultra-high speed fast chargers, would allow or encourage EV use for long distances as well.

  • Establish fair electricity rates for EV charging

This can be made possible by the development of standardised citywide, national or regional EV charging and energy tariffs.

  • Create an open and competitive market for EV charging

Collaboration between various stakeholders in the utilities, automobile, smart city and IoT industries would help spur innovation, which would result in a decline in prices and service and technology enhancements. This would help improve utility knowledge on technologies available and in planning infrastructure development programmes.

The fact sheet also provides answers to questions including:

  1. What EV infrastructure is most important to speed up EV adoption
  2. How can infrastructure be used to support electrification of shared vehicle fleets
  3. What are the benefits of increase in use of EVs

Download the fact sheet here…

Sourced from our sister publication, Smart Energy International.

Babalwa Bungane
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