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Chinese market: Solar company attains highest credit quality rating

An innovative solar module manufacturer, JinkoSolar, now holds the only AAA rating for credit quality from the China Association for Quality (CAQ).

JinkoSolar, one of the largest solar module manufacturers in the world, announced that it is now the sole PV company to be given the highest AAA rating for credit quality in the Chinese market.

With this recognition, JinkoSolar sets a new company milestone and benchmark for the rest of the PV industry in terms of user satisfaction and quality management.

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To build on this rating, the company aims to focus its R&D efforts on its core technologies, and upgrade and optimise production lines to improve the quality of solar PV products.

Kangping Chen, Chief Executive Officer of JinkoSolar, said: “In order to further promote the development towards grid parity, we will focus our efforts on product iteration and continue to bring premium quality products to our global customers that will reduce costs and improve system efficiency.”

This maximum rating is the recognition of market quality credit management capabilities and levels of a company, through a comprehensive evaluation of the company’s credit, quality assurance capabilities, market operation capabilities and other indicators, conducted by the Chinese market quality association.

Respected in the Chinese and international solar markets

Leveraging the company’s leading intelligent manufacturing process and product quality, JinkoSolar has become a highly respected name in the global PV industry.

It continues to elevate international standards for intelligent premium quality manufacturing, with its advanced intelligent equipment and excellent quality control system, JinkoSolar has been awarded numerous international quality certifications, and its outstanding reputation has contributed to positioning Chinese manufacturers as some of the most dominant players in the global PV industry beyond China.

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Based on its product innovation, supply stability and a well-established global service network – JinkoSolar has been ranked first in terms of global shipments for four consecutive years.

“In the future, we will continue to assume the responsibility of a leading PV company, bringing to market more optimised PV products, and strongly support the global transformation to clean and green energy and drive the high-quality development of the global solar industry,” concluded Chen.