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Power outages can place crops and farm animals at risk, which necessitates for a reliable source of backup power for agricultural operations to operate efficiently and safely during this ordeal.

Power disruptions on farms are even more damaging due to the economic pressures and the difficulty of surviving in this ever-changing market sector. Modern farming methods are increasingly assisted by a range of automated equipment that relies upon a steady supply of electricity to do its work.

The rural and often isolated setting in which many farms operate make them even more vulnerable to power cuts and damaged power lines, as electricity supply generally takes longer to restore – thereby aggravating the impact on normal farm activities.

The result is that agriculture, like many industries, can experience catastrophic consequences as a result of power outages, and this has made it a business imperative for every farm to have a sustainable and secure supply of energy.

Selecting gensets

Dependable backup diesel power generator set or genset can effectively keep everything running smoothly until the power is restored. Read more: Poultry hatchery firm averts power outages

Industry experts like the Zest WEG Group offer the experience and capacity to design and provide high quality agricultural generator solutions with reliable backup power in various farming applications.

It is important to note that the right solution begins with making the appropriate generator selection, by considering the load size, voltages, running cycles, access to site and delivery constraints.


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