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Eskom does not expect to implement loadshedding for the duration of the COVID-19 national lockdown as demand for electricity has dropped by more than 7,500MW since the start of the lockdown.

In order to protect the integrity of the system, Eskom has taken some power generation units off the grid. These power generation units are available to return to service at short notice should the need arise.

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“We are also taking advantage of this downturn to carry out critical repairs and maintenance in our power stations and other infrastructure. Eskom will communicate further as and when the need arises,” the state-owned power utility said in a statement.

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“Our country, and indeed all of humanity, is going through really difficult times. Eskom would like to pay tribute to the dedicated essential and critical services workers and our contractors who are all putting their own lives at risk while keeping the lights on during this unprecedented COVID-19 disaster.

“It is on this kind of selfless professionalism and dedication to service that we all rely on to emerge intact from these difficult times. From our side at Eskom, we are doing all that is necessary to keep the lights on,” the statement concluded.

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