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Session 28 Oct: Plugging the water revenue leak

Thursday 28 October

10h00 GMT | 11h00 London | 11h00 Lagos | 12h00 Johannesburg

|13h00 Nairobi

Duration: 60 minutes

Managing non-revenue water is an essential part of any utility’s business.

Just under 40% of the total municipal water supply in South Africa is lost before it reaches the customer.  Right now, municipalities are in crises management mode and the Water Research Commission’s research suggests poor record-keeping means almost two-thirds of the municipalities don’t even know the scope of the non-revenue water (NRW) losses. 

While market intelligence reports suggest there are business opportunities for the private sector to exploit in addressing NRW losses, municipalities simply do not have the financial wherewithal to deal with the problem.

How then can municipalities turn this problem into a win-win situation for all? What progress is being made on setting up large scale financing systems for municipalities to tap into, to plug the biggest leak to their revenue?

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Discussion points 

  • What are the latest advances in addressing NRW losses? 
  • What innovative communication processes could water utilities use to enlist customer’s help in addressing?
  • What technology is suited to what context? (electronic vs mechanical meters) 


  • Nicolette Pombo van Zyl, Editor, ESI Africa


Theresa Smith
Theresa Smith is a Content Specialist for ESI Africa.