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Eight O&M steps to extend the longevity of hydropower plants

This article outlines the best O&M strategies that can be applied to maintain the longevity of hydropower plants through a step-by-step approach.
Global sustainability standard for hydropower on the cards

Making every drop count in hydropower generation

Africa's installed hydropower capacity is expected to grow by 4,700MW over the next two to three years according to IHA's 2019 Hydropower Status Report.

What’s all the rave about advanced metering infrastructure?

Advanced metering infrastructure is considered to be a key element of grid modernisation, taking the power and energy industry to new heights.
COVID-19 pandemic

Together we can keep the lights on during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Africa-focused COVID-19: Utility Crisis Management webinar showed how utilities were coping under lockdown conditions.
Lomile Modiselle

The path from artisan to certified engineer, a woman in energy...

We spoke with Lomile Modiselle to uncover her secret recipe for changing mind-sets and working her way up through the electricity supply industry ranks.
design defects medupi

Design defect modifications implemented at Medupi Unit 3

Following a 75-day outage to repair major design defects at the Medupi power plant, Unit 3 has reached the full generation capacity of 793MW.

Maintenance offered to marine and power market regardless of the brand

A service solution now offers maintenance that covers non-MAN as well as MAN machinery, including engines, turbochargers and related auxiliaries.

Water and energy sector talks next week at Virtual AUW &...

Unique, live discussions to learn, connect and engage, free for all online via the 2020 Virtual African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa.
Draft Regulations

Draft regulations: New electricity order on the cards for South Africa

South Africans have 30 days as of 5 May in which to respond to the draft amendments to the Electricity Regulations on New Generation Capacity.

Water concerns: Pandemic could starve WASH sectors of resources

Paul Yillia is the moderator of the live discussion on “The impact of COVID-19 on Africa’s water sector” on Thursday, 14 May, during the Virtual African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa.

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