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Increase safety with top lockout procedures and shadowboards

Let experienced Brady engineers write and implement custom Lockout/Tagout procedures for more maintenance safety.

Make safety top of mind in the workplace and optimise Lockout/Tagout efficiency with highly visible, custom lockout shadowboards. Join our online webinar and get acquainted with Brady’s Safety Management software solutions.

Brady engineers have created thousands of lockout procedures for hundreds of companies in various industries.

Get them to write and implement your best-in-class, company-approved, custom Lockout/Tagout safety procedures as well.

Brady’s Lockout/Tagout Complete Service:

  • Best practice, custom: experienced Brady engineers visit your facilities to create illustrated Lockout/Tagout procedures for your machines.
  • Easy to follow: procedures enable step-by-step completion with limited training, and are linked to machine and energy control point labels in the workplace.
  • Easily approve, edit, scale and share: work seamlessly across sites and countries with the LINK360 procedure management software. Print up-to-date Lockout/Tagout procedures locally or share digitally with smartphones and tablets.

Meet Brady engineers in the video below:

Custom Lockout shadowboards: Efficient, top of mind safety in the workplace

Make safety top of mind in the workplace and optimise Lockout/Tagout efficiency with highly visible, custom lockout shadowboards.

Shadowboards increase the impact of Lockout/Tagout and help to further reduce maintenance risks and accidents.

  • Increase efficiency by organising relevant lockout procedures, padlocks, devices, tags and accessories on shadowboards.
  • Keep safety and Lockout/Tagout top of mind in the workplace with highly visible shadowboards.
  • Maintain efficiency by promoting the return of tools to the board with tool shadows.

If you are interested in the custom shadowboard approach, request your custom shadowboard layout for free at Brady.

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