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Eskom might shelve loadshedding for the weekend, or not

On Friday morning Eskom announced that as the return of additional generation units eases supply constraints, no loadshedding is expected for the weekend.

The announcement comes after the utility recovered three generation units overnight, which has eased supply sufficiently to allow for the suspension of loadshedding.

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According to Eskom, this means no loadshedding is anticipated for today (21 August) or the weekend.

Three generators were returned to service at the Lethabo, Medupi and Kusile power stations while another unit at Kusile was taken offline for repairs.

Old generation infrastructure to blame for loadshedding

Eskom also advised that unplanned breakdowns stand at 8,750MW of capacity, adding to the 4,500MW currently out on planned maintenance.

The power utility warned that while the supply constraints have eased the aged generation infrastructure is unpredictable, unreliable and volatile.

“Any significant deterioration in the generation performance may necessitate the implementation of loadshedding at short notice,” the state-owned utility said in a statement.

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