Utiliy Maintenance Supplement

Utility Maintenance Supplement 2017

In issue 3 2017, ESI Africa’s focus is on utility maintenance. Read about best practices in implementing condition monitoring systems and find out how...
Jebba hydro power plant Nigeria

Plans afoot to modernise generation unit at Nigerian hydro plant

Technology group Andritz has been commissioned by Mainstream Energy Solutions to modernise a generation unit at Jebba hydroelectric power plant on the Niger River.
Eskom outlook for 2021 Ted Blom

Ted Blom on Eskom outlook: 2021 will be worst year ever

“Based on the above Eskom scenarios,” says Ted Blom, “the likelihood of level 6 loadshedding appears >50%, and in worst case scenarios, even level 8 loadshedding appears very likely to be achieved intermittently."

Energy system planning must include research into health says EEG

COVID-19 is further highlighting the relationship between reliable, adequately functioning power systems and resilience, and is likely to reveal new issues to consider in future energy system planning, operation and maintenance in developing countries.
new dealers Cummins

New dealers appointed by Cummins in North and West Africa

Cummins has appointed 11 new dealers as in-country representatives in North and West Africa. The firm conducted training virtually due to COVID-19 lockdowns.
loadshedding could be ended by planned surplus power.

Unplanned maintenance causes Eskom to implement Stage 2 loadshedding

Eskom has announced that it will implement Stage 2 loadshedding between 22:00 and 05:00 tonight and on Thursday night.
health and safety

Improving the health and safety of mining communities through cool surfaces

December 2020 has seen the South African government place a stronger emphasis on health and safety.
network resilience

How to enable network resilience

Catastrophic events exacerbate the challenge of networks being prone to failures, making it vital for utilities to strive for network resilience.
water pipe

Nordic Development Fund approves $8.8m grant for African Water Facility

The Nordic Development Fund (NDF) has approved a $8.8million in grant funding to the African Water Facility for projects in the Sahel and Horn of Africa.
drones water security

Drones add new dimension to water security at South African utility

Recently Rand Water piloted the use of drones across several projects and with water security in mind, passed the test with flying colours.
filtration ponds wastewater treatment facility

South Africa’s water sector ripe with investment opportunities

Equitable access to water and sanitation for all South Africans comes with a multi-billion rand price tag. But for willing investors, and businesses in the urban water space, the opportunities are substantial.

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