Utiliy Maintenance Supplement

Utility Maintenance Supplement 2017

In issue 3 2017, ESI Africa’s focus is on utility maintenance. Read about best practices in implementing condition monitoring systems and find out how...

Megger: Innovative ERTS test simulator improves auto-recloser efficiency

Megger has introduced its new ERTS test simulator, making testing of reclosers easier, faster and more convenient than ever.

Ed’s note: Without technology, utilities will fail during- and post-COVID-19

Amid the 2020 global socio-economic upheaval, steady movement can be seen in the power and energy markets where utilities have embraced technology.
cost-reflective tariffs

Electricity distribution operators survived COVID-19 emergency

Electricity distribution operators successfully kept the lights on for the world during the lockdowns imposed in the initial stages of COVID-19 emergency.
Nigeria Siemens

Nigeria: FG pushes conclusion of the electricity deal with Siemens

The federal government (FG) of Nigeria has directed several ministries to conclude the engagement with Siemens to commence the pre-engineering and concessionary...
grid flexibility

Analysis: Smart grid facilitates grid flexibility and resilience

Change in electricity consumption patterns during lockdown has put grid resilience to the test but grid flexibility is currently coping with demand shifts.

Eskom keen to renegotiate PPA contracts with IPPs

South Africa's power utility is taking action on seeking to renegotiate contracts from independent power producers in a bid to reduce customer tariffs.
status of the system

Eskom CEO declares Status of the System making good progress

In its Status of the System briefing, Eskom provided details of the company’s operational performance and system outlook for the winter period.
Natural Ester Fluid

Cargill set to produce natural ester fluid for SA electrical grid

Cargill Bioindustrial South Africa announced that its natural ester fluid production line in Isando, Gauteng is complete, following the recent approval of...

Increase output with Brady’s automated labelling

With Brady Corporation's automated labelling solution you can save time by removing intermediate exports or data retyping from your production process.
corruption allegation

DEFF orders Eskom to shut down Kendal power station

South Africa's environment minister, Barbara Creecy, has rejected Eskom’s objection on a complicance order for its Kendal power plant emissions.

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