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Free webinar | Thursday 7 June 2018 | 14.30h CET

The energy sector is currently undergoing a significant transition, driven primarily by the increase of renewables on the network, distributed energy resources, the rise of IoT and mobile devices.


The introduction of these technologies and consumer behaviour is having a detrimental impact on the operation and performance of the utility network often giving rise to over voltages or even network failures in some cases.

Join Lucy Electric in a live webcast where the expert panel will discuss how utility companies can optimally forecast and manage their networks more effectively where data and analytics is concerned.

By registering for this webinar, you will have the opportunity to explore possible network architectures for managing control and analytical needs, as well as become cognisant of the value of data to the multiple user groups that shape the ultimate utility environment.


Philip Dingle | Marketing Director | Lucy Electric
Paul Beck | Director | Lucy Electric