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The severity of the Coronavirus impact on health and business hasn’t dawned on many people as yet.

Originally published in the ESI Africa final newsletter for 2019 on 18/03/2020

It was Alexander Graham Bell who said that “before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” The feeling I get from conversations with industry professionals is that we are ill-prepared for the knock-on effect of the coronavirus pandemic.

At our office in Cape Town, South Africa we have minimal staff on-site, and many are working from home using the various technology tools at our disposal to stay in communication and keep the cogs and gears of our media desk operational.

However, millions in the global workforce do not have that luxury.

At the front-line are those working in the medical field – doctors, nurses and health aids – these are the people who don’t give a second thought to putting themselves at risk for their patients.

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Then there are many technicians, engineers and manual workers in the utility sector who continue to provide public services in electricity, water, and waste removal.

These are the unsung heroes of today!

I salute each one of them now and in the weeks and months ahead.

On a positive note, the actions that governments, industry and public services undertake to overcome the threat will be a record into how well we can overcome adversity.

It could even drive more innovation into an issue such as achieving the UN’s sustainable development goals, addressing climate change, and changing everyday behaviour for a universal cleaner future.

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Stay safe.

Stay informed on the Coronavirus via the World Health Organisation.