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Rugged wireless communications can reduce costs in oil & gas production

Wireless communications are well-suited for the oil and gas industry, especially in remote production facility locations, both on- and offshore, explains Mike Dalton, WiMAX Consultant Siemens Industry.

Berlin-headquartered industrial manufacturing company Siemens, has released a white paper that highlights how few industries are as opportune to deploy advanced wireless communications as oil and gas production.

Rugged wireless communications

An industry that works in remote locations with complex terrain and environmental conditions, the firm explains that wireless communications have a wide range of applications for the oil and gas industry, both on- and offshore. Including:

  • Multiservice alternatives to high-latency satellite communications
  • Wireless connection of mobile applications
  • Wellhead monitoring and control
  • Gas field control and monitoring
  • Rig power management and monitoring
  • Rig internal communications
  • Pipeline telemetry
  • Data aggregation in rugged environments
  • Process analytics

“Remote and often unmanned facilities require rugged and secure high-performance wireless communication infrastructures not only be rugged and secure, but have carrier grade reliability. They must also be simple to ease the engineering and maintenance burdens on the producers’ enterprise IT and operating engineering teams,” the report notes.

Further adding: “Offshore wireless networks, for example, can cover thousands of square miles, as the previous Siemens deployment example in the Gulf of Mexico illustrates.

“Troubleshooting and replacing a failed component covering such a wide area can be extremely expensive. Further, a communications breakdown can disrupt operations. It can also imperil operational safety, with grave and costly potential consequences to human life and the environment.”

Download the full white paper here for further details and explanation.


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