Risk management

Op-Ed: The role of risk management during and post COVID-19 times

Businesses that have always viewed risk management and business continuity as a tick-box exercise find themselves struggling to respond to the ‘new normal’.
solar for agriculture

Solar for agriculture: Empowering farmers in Sudan

Farming in Sudan often relies on diesel-powered water pumps but using solar for agriculture has increased land use and productivity by nearly 50%.
South Africa nuclear

Ed’s note: Nuclear makes a comeback in South Africa’s energy mix

In South Africa, we knew the new nuclear energy build programme was coming, and yet the formal request for information took some by surprise.
new nuclear build

Op-Ed: RFI is not a licence application for a nuclear installation

The Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa says the Request for Information is not a licence application for a nuclear installation or a procurement process.
Battery market

Op-Ed: How a battery passport can foster transition to net zero...

Battery storage can boost commitments by governments and businesses across the world to net zero and sustainability strategies.
Sidi Mansour

Analysis: Wind industry vying to become partner for global economic recovery

Wind industry stakeholders led by the Global Wind Energy Council has signed a statement, indicating readiness to make a contribution to economic recovery.

Sustainable school in Italy progressing with 2030 agenda

Siena Advanced School on Sustainable Development will offer an analysis of sustainable development in the key sectors of Italy’s socioeconomic landscape.

Op-Ed: Impact of COVID-19 on oil demand and LNG developments

With the rapid spread of COVID-19 across the globe, the energy sector is suffering from the impending losses both in employment and revenue.

What COVID-19 has taught us about plastic in the environment

World Environment Day on 5 June highlighted whether plastic still has a place in a world where a “new normal” requires bold and innovative solutions.
carbon emissions

Ed’s note: The stakes are high in the battle to reduce...

A bleak view is emerging that foresees a post-pandemic rush to normalise economies setting reduction targets for carbon emissions on the back burner.

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