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Interview with Rachel Lutwama, Head, Emerging Energy Markets Sales, Siemens

“Siemens is excited about the region’s energy expansion prospects and continues to invest in order to deliver high quality products and solutions.”

Rachel LutwamaExclusive interview with Rachel Lutwama, Head, Emerging Energy Markets Sales, Siemens – platinum sponsor at the upcoming EAPIC conference and expo in Nairobi in September.

Which Siemens products and services in the East Africa are you currently most excited about?
The East African’s energy market has one of the most diversified energy resource mixes to support a cohesive and sustainable power supply program ranging from the conventional hydro, coal, and geothermal, to natural gas, oil, wind, solar and biomass feed stocks. Siemens is global equipment manufacturer that provides a full range of energy solutions to all players across the entire energy value chain from Generation, Transmission, to Distribution products and services.

Any current or upcoming projects you can share updates about?

  • Through its extensive global network, Siemens has and will continue to deliver its innovative products and solutions to its clients in the region. Siemens was and is involved in the supply, installation and commissioning of some of the region’s mega power system projects. For example:
    • Siemens of Sweden was the turbine supplier for the 100MW Ubungo II gas fired power plant through TANESCO’s (EPC) contractor Jacobsen Elektro AS.
    • The extension of the 220 kV Rabai and Embakasi substations as part of the Mombasa-Nairobi transmission line project for KETRACO
    • Siemens Transmission & Distribution S.A.S. of France is currently constructing a 220kV substation at Suswa for KETRACO a project jointly funded by Agence Française Dévelopment (AFD) and the Kenyan Government.
    • Plus, numerous other system rehabilitation, regional interconnection projects and new generation projects are currently under development.

What excites you the most about the energy industry in East Africa?
Like elsewhere in the world, the region is undergoing an energy revolution. Countries have an opportunity to seek the best expertise from global suppliers with cutting edge technologies and solutions such as Siemens to guide them on what and what not to do in their energy expansion programs. Siemens is excited about the region’s energy expansion prospects and continues to invest in order to deliver high quality products and solutions, at a competitive price advantage to its clients and partners.

What in your view are the main challenges?

  • Securing financing for priority regional infrastructure projects.
  • Acceleration of energy infrastructure rollout projects to close the energy gap and to meet the regional millennium development goals.
  • Capacity building and technical skills development to reach the critical mass equivalent to global standard.
  • Unknown climate conditions: Ensuring sustainability of resource supply with minimal or no environment impact.
  • Standardization of the core transmission network to enable regional electricity trade and economic integration.

Why did you decide to partner with EAPIC this year?

  • Siemens is one of the long standing sponsors of this regional event and has been since the launch of EAPIC forum back in 1998 and will continue to utilize this platform to engage with policy makers, utilities, IPPs, EPCs, financial institutions and other industry service providers to debate issues and suggest solutions that will mould and shape the future of the regional energy industry in the years to come.

What will be your main message at the event?

  • Our message is that energy system is being transformed. Growth in distributed power generation and/or the role of IPPs is increasing the system’s complexity.
  • The energy value chain has evolved into a multi-faceted system with countless new participants and Siemens has developed a Power Matrix which reflects the reality of the energy system.
  • Siemens will design individual power matrices to focus on each country’s specific situation, challenges and goals.
  • Siemens hopes to use this forum to showcase its innovative and sustainable solutions for all parts of the Power Matrix.

What are you most looking forward to at EAPIC?
We look forward to an exciting meeting with our customers, current industry partners and future business prospects.