“Rwanda has great potential for hydro projects waiting to be tapped.”

MP GuptaExclusive interview with Mr. M.P Gupta, Director, Angelique International Limited, Delhi, India. During iPAD Rwanda Power & Infrastructure Investment Forum, Angelique is the site visit sponsor to the company’s Nyabarongo Hydropower Plant on 5 November.

Angelique is involved in various power projects in Rwanda, can you give us a brief summary of these?

The Nyabarongo Hydro-Electric Project, located in the western central part of Rwanda, is envisaged to harness the potential of the Nyabarongo River for generation of electric power as a run-of-the river development. The Nyabarongo Hydro-Electric project involves construction of a 44.5m high concrete gravity dam located at the starting of river loop of Nyabarongo, a 1.2 km long Head Race Tunnel (HRT), Surge tank and a surface power house on a terrace on the right bank at an elevation of 1430 m to utilize a nominal gross head of about 63 m for generation of 28 MW of power. A 110 kV , 27 kms transmission line has also been constructed for extraction of the power generated.

Current Status: Construction 100% completed.
Successful dry run & wet run.
The project to be commissioned by October 31, 2014

Brief Description

  • MV (Medium Voltage) Line and topographic surveys, profile calculations and calculation of structures and detailed plans for pole and cable.
  • Construction of MV and pole mounted Transformer substation in the Western Zone of Rwanda.
  • Testing and commissioning.

Current Status: 100% completed.
Defect Liability Period (DLP) of 1 year is being served.

Brief Description

  • Line surveys, profile calculations and pole placement
  • Construction works of LV (Low Voltage) networks and service connections in the western province.
  • Testing and commissioning.

Current Status: 100% completed.
Defect Liability Period (DLP) of 1 year is successfully completed.

What have been the challenges with these projects?

  • Rough and rugged terrain as majority of Rwanda is hilly
  • Long rainy season which hampers construction activities
  • Change in geological parameters
  • Logistics; being a land locked country
  • Clearance delays by customs authorities
  • Immigration issues/ delays in issue of work permits

What advice would you give other prospective investors in Rwanda?
Rwanda is a progressing economy with enormous infrastructure activities coming up  especially in the Power sector. The 28 MW Nyabarongo hydro power project is one of the largest in the country. Rwanda has great potential for hydro projects waiting to be tapped. The rural electrification program is also being pursued in full flow with funding from multilateral funding agencies. However, one needs to be patient for doing business in Rwanda.

You are the sponsors of the iPAD Rwanda site visit to Nyabarongo Hydropower Project – can you give us a sneak preview of what the event delegates will experience?
The delegates will witness a state of the art 28 MW hydro power project built in the Picturesque surroundings on the Nyabarongo river in Muhanga district, western province  of Rwanda. The large dam, reservoir, surge shaft, tunnel and power house are built with  most modern technology. The project is being commissioned by last week of October 2014 and delegates can witness the hydro power being actually generated by the plant.

Why did you decide to partner with iPAD Rwanda?
We want to publicise achievement of our company for building state of art Nyabarongo Hydro power project under stringent conditions.

What will be your message at the event?
Africa in general and Rwanda in particular has a large untapped potential especially in the Power sector. Less than 30% population of Africa has access to electricity compared to 80 – 90% in rest of the developed/ developing world. Rwanda offers tremendous  opportunities for growth investments and associated developments.

Anything you would like to add?
Angelique International Limited is a leading EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) company from India with a sales turnover of close to USD 300 Million. The company undertakes EPC projects in the following five core sectors:

  • Power
  • Water
  • Irrigation & Agriculture
  • Industrial Projects
  • Social Infrastructure

Please visit our website www.angelique-india.com for more information on our activities.


  1. As far as I had been personally in your African Operations that are appreciable .
    You are respecting true value of Engineering and Engineers.
    Your concept of long term business portfolio with all countries is a fabulous business idea towards growth and prospirity.

    It seems that you are succeeding everywhere by 50%. Adaptatation and implimentation of Several things lagging and neglected behind that purely connected to technocommercial platform support you to achieve 100% .

    Have prosperous days ahead.

    Ex Project Manager of SABIC ,KSA.

  2. To
    Angelique International.

    Having personally witnessing your project execution stratey and the value added enginerring project management system is really appreciable. As an industrial economic forecaster and presently as Director General of Government projects representing lucky group of companies in CteDIvoire ,I am declaring with in 2016 end Angelique International will be placed in the pannel of the best EPCM/TURNKEY PROJECT leader among other ten Giant EPCs of India.

  3. Dear Sir.

    The ongoing HydroElectric project in Rwanda was a dream of that country when I was the Engineering Manager of CITT of Kigali Institute of Sceience and Technology.

    Yes, as you observed, Yes, Rwanda is a high potential platform for Investors.

    IK Verma.

  4. Yes, A milestone achievement of Angelique International Rwanda through the Inaguration of Nyabarongo I Hydro-power plant located in Mushishiro Sector of Muhanga District, Southern by His Excellency Dr: Paul P Kagame. This achievement of Angelique International is a pride to Government of India , EXIM Bank and envy to the other international competitors of same platform. A prosperous voyage of Angelique International in Energy Sector towards 2020 global theme