“The utilities are now seeing the light. They are beginning to realize the importance of WAPIC.”

Alexander OseiExclusive interview with Alexander Osei, General Manager, Management Information Systems, Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Ghana. At the upcoming West African Power Industry Convention (WAPIC), Mr Osei is chairman of the session on Power distribution solutions: a West African perspective.

What project is ECG involved currently in Ghana that you are most excited about?
The latest project in Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) which is quite exciting is the commercial managing system (CSM).

What difference is CMS going to make in the lives of ECG customers?
Unlike the current Customer Billing and Information System (CBIS) the CMS is customer oriented software which makes almost all activities on-line. This includes, but is not limited to new service connection (contracting) and customer payments. CMS also facilitates automatic monitoring processes such as debt recovery. Again the CMS will increase customer care service channel and improve customer time of response.

What are the biggest challenges to the power industry in Ghana? And in the region?
Ghana and the West African region face almost the same challenges: Low rate of revenue collection and high rate of system losses. Frequent outages due to insufficient power is another challenge to the region.

What can the power utility do to overcome the challenges facing them?
To address these challenges the utility companies in Africa may have to meet regularly to share ideas at fora such as African Utility Week (AUW) and WAPIC.

What will be your message at WAPIC this year?
WAPIC is the international forum for the power utility players within the West African region where common challenges and successes are discussed. It makes the “wounded“ companies whole again. It soothes their sorrows, heals their wounds and drives away their fears. All senior executives and managers of the power industry in West Africa are cordially invited to attend this year’s WAPIC. I am proud to be part of WAPIC.

How important is this event on the power calendar of the region?
But for Ebola we would have had speakers from all West African countries. The utilities are now seeing the light. They are beginning to realize the importance of WAPIC.