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Vice president of IEEMA, Mr R.K Chugh was recently interviewed by ESI Africa at Elecrama in India regarding their strategic growth plan and activity on the African continent.

IEEMA as an organisation has to reinvent itself continuously to stay relevant in the market, where do you see the organisation in the next five years?
We have a very ambitious plan to work with a group of IEEMA members, on one side to increase our membership base and simultaneously we also have ambitious plans to increase the business done by our members.

At present the collective turnover of our members in India is approximately $42 billion, out of which exports comprise approximately $6 billion.

Our plan for the next five years, by 2022, is to take this revenue to a level of $100 billion, with exports comprising $25 billion. So on one side we want to increase total revenue, while simultaneously increasing the share of exports in that revenue.

That is our vision for the future.

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Mr Chugh, do you think there is a market in Africa for your manufacturers to export to?
Yes, a big market. Quite a few of our members are already very active in various parts of Africa. Some members have set up their manufacturing plants in Africa and others are acting as EPCs.

We as an association are very active in your [Africa] part of the world and in fact the growth plans I have shared with you will largely come out of association with the continent.

R.K. Chugh. Vice President. IEEMA (listen to the interview audio)

Founded in 1948, IEEMA is the association of manufacturers of electrical, industrial electronics and allied equipment in India.