Manager at Accenture, Zimiti Chodeva, is a panellist during the African Utility Week debate on “What are the key considerations when developing a baseload mix?”

Welcome back to African Utility Week – what kind of feedback did you get from your participation last year?
AUW is a key event on the calendar of our utilities professionals. It provides a fantastic opportunity to network with industry role players and the feedback from our participation last year was great.

Can you give us a breakdown of the kind of work that Accenture does in the power and water sectors across the continent?
We provide five main business services across Utilities namely Accenture Capital Project Services, Accenture Asset and Operations Services, Accenture Smart Grid Services, Accenture Energy Consumer Services and Accenture Enterprise Services.

Accenture Capital Services focuses on supporting clients through each phase of a capital project life cycle.

Accenture Asset and Operations Services is a suite of offerings designed for asset-intensive companies across industries such as utilities to help them operate their plants and assets in a reliable, environmentally friendly, safe and cost-effective manner.

Accenture Smart Grid Services
provides customer care solutions for competitive and regulated energy providers globally to help them develop and implement full value chain solutions.

Accenture Enterprise Services is an innovative, comprehensive and proven approach that helps utilities accelerate enterprise-wide business value for high performance and lasting competitive advantage.

Any specific projects that you are particularly excited about that you can share?
Without going into much detail on specific projects – there is some exciting work in capital services that Accenture is busy with that is aligned with South Africa’s National Development Plan focusing on, amongst others, power and water.

In your view, what are the main challenges to the energy and/or water sector in Africa?
The main challenges to the energy and/or water sector in Africa include funding constraints, inadequate planning and the absence of critical skills across planning, implementation and, in some cases, operations.

What is your vision for this industry?

My vision for the industry, particularly with respect to the continent is that we will have world-class and innovative solutions addressing African issues.

Accenture is a platinum sponsor at African Utility Week again this year – why do you partner with us?
There are very few events that bring all the industry role players together in the way AUW manages to achieve this. The content at AUW remains relevant and provides opportunities for industry role players to find suitable solutions, best practices and case studies from around the world

What will be your specific message at the event?

Of fundamental importance in addressing Africa’s power challenges is an integrated approach in the planning and implementation of new generation infrastructure and the ability to prioritise expenditure. This begins with the right levels of engagement to give effect to the necessary policy changes.

Anything else you would like to add?

Looking forward to being a part of AUW2016!