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Exclusive interview with Moso Bolofo, director: Steinmüller Africa

Moso_BolofoCan we start with a breakdown of the kind of work that Steinmüller does in the power and utilities sector across the continent?

Steinmüller Africa provides highly competent solutions and services for every phase of a power plant’s life cycle. In addition to the planning, maintenance and repair of complete power generation plants, the company undertakes the design and manufacturing of power plant components, at their own Pretoria Workshop facility.

The company is known for cutting-edge multi-service solutions and has grown from a South African market pioneer to a trusted partner to the power generation, petrochemical, renewable energy, paper and pulp and allied industries, specialising in industrial and utility boilers.

Steinmüller Africa has provided on-site maintenance support at many of Eskom’s power stations and at Sasol. Furthermore, the company was issued the contract to install 336 pots and their associated equipment in the two potrooms (C & D) of the Mozal project in Mozambique.

Any specific projects that you are particularly excited about that you can share?

a)      Our RTS (Return to Service) of Camden, Grootvlei and Komati are great milestones
b)      We have been granted the project to manufacture the boilers for Medupi and Kusile
c)       The completion of the manufacturing of the HP Heater that was manufactured for Eskom for which we incorporated explosive welding technology

In your view, what are the main challenges to the energy sector in Africa?

a) Financing of projects and the lack of predictability of projects being awarded locally. This creates a challenge in terms of sustainability of work – especially w.r.t. sustaining technical skills and artisans that are locally grown.

b) Standards are also a challenge w.r.t. infrastructure: Sourcing efficiently skilled workmen or artisans as well as the challenge of the different laws in place in some countries (also from a language point of view).

What is your vision for this industry?

To have a local-based Engineering company capable of offering the full value chain of services (from design to after-care).

Steinmüller is a silver sponsor at African Utility Week this year – why did you decide to partner with us? 

We have attended the event previously and benefited from the interaction with both South African and other African power and utilities players from the continent. The event is respected in the industry and it meets our specific objectives; it is a lucrative platform for us to extend our footprint.

What will be your message at the event? Do you have any specific technology or service that will be on display?

Our message is to inform the industry that Steinmüller Africa offers a full service w.r.t. to boiler manufacturing:

Steinmüller Africa’s manufacturing capabilities cover a wide range of high-pressure components. Our large-scale facilities in Pretoria and world-class equipment, such as the Oerlikon Automatic Welding and the Cojafex Induction Bending Machine, are unique to the African continent.

We also offer explosive welding, which is crucial to the quality and integrity of welding on high-pressure parts and pipelines, and we are the only company in South Africa who is qualified and approved to perform explosive welding for the power generation sector.

You also made a specific decision to sponsor the awards this year –  why this decision?

It is important to Steinmüller Africa to recognise excellence in the sector.