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Exclusive interview with Frederik Thure, Head of Secretariat, International Cleantech Network

Frederik_ThureFrederik Thure is the Head of Secretariat, International Cleantech Network (ICN), the Global Network of Leading Cleantech Clusters. The ICN’s AGM is an official side event during African Utility Week in Cape Town in May.

Let’s start with some background on the International Cleantech Network 

International Cleantech Network (ICN) represents 13 world-leading cleantech clusters effectively acting as a platform for cross-regional economic development based on a triple helix approach i.e. cooperation between companies, universities and research institutions, and public authorities.

Our members are based in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. Our mission is to create direct value for stakeholders belonging to the clusters, such as companies, knowledge institutions and local authorities, by using international cooperation to enhance their competitive advantages in the global market.

What is your vision for the International Cleantech Network?

Our goal is to be the leading global network of the best performing cleantech cluster organisations of the world.

Any particular projects that you are involved in currently that you are excited about?

One of the major areas of interest of ICN in 2016 is the C40 project. C40 is a network of the worlds’ major cities committed to address climate change. ICN could serve as a platform between those who demand sustainable solutions (cities) and those who supply these services and technologies (cleantech solution providers).

The C40 project goes well in conjunction with the positive outcome of COP21 in Paris last December that demonstrated a strong political and public willingness to act against climate change.

We expect that the next climate summit will focus on the type of solutions that should be implemented to fight climate change. We are convinced that ICN has a massive role in facilitating sustainable solutions and we will therefore be actively participating at COP22 in Morocco next November.

Where in Africa are you active?

One of our members, GreenCape, is obviously very active right here in Cape Town and is hosting the ICN Annual Meeting this year. A lot of the members of the clusters are also active throughout the African continent providing sustainable solutions on a wide number of areas to many municipalities, regions etc.

The ICN gatherings on Wednesday 18 May and Thursday 19 May are official side events of the African Utility Week – who will participate at this event and what will happen during this gathering?

On those two days we will hold a C40 workshop, our strategy session, the 6th ICN Board meeting as well as the Task Force meeting for funding research. First of all we honoured that the mayor of Cape Town will be present at our C40 workshop, where she will provide her thoughts and views on the immense possibilities of the C40 project.

We know that the C40 project is close to the heart of the mayor, and we look forward to discuss ICNs role as a “C40-bridge-builder” with all the participants at the workshop. Our strategy session will focus on how ICN can further strengthen its role as a global player in the cleantech sector.

In addition to our 6th Board meeting that will round off the Wednesday, we will also have a special Task Force meeting on Thursday morning, establishing the strategy for funding research.