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Exclusive interview with Alex Marshall, Group Marketing & Compliance Manager at Clarke Energy

alex_marshall1) Clarke Energy was also a strategic partner at iPAD Rwanda last year. What was the feedback, how was the experience?
IPAD Rwanda is the leading event for power generation in the country and is one of the key annual shows for us in the region. The event enables you to network with the key industry players and is a must for the Rwandan power industry diary.

2) Please tell us more about the projects in Rwanda that you are involved in?
Clarke Energy is currently bidding for power generation projects that use biological gases. Clarke Energy is looking to bring its extensive international experience in the field of biogas to power to Rwanda. These include opportunities to monetise the biogas in Lake Kivu, to convert the gas from waste in landfill sites to power, and for the utilisation of biogas produced from human wastes in sewage works.

2) What is the potential for biogas to be a game changer in the renewables sector in this region?
Rwanda has some of the largest naturally occurring deposits of biogas globally in Lake Kivu. This renewable gas is able to produce stable base-load power supplies, unlike other forms of renewable energy such as wind power or solar power, that only generate electricity when the wind blows or sun shines. Biogas in Rwanda therefore has huge potential to provide a significant component of Rwanda’s power generation mix. This lake gas is supplemented by other forms of biogas including landfill gas and sewage gas. Whilst the potential here is more modest, they are able to provide significant localised supplies of distributed generation, where waste arisings can be concentrated.

3) What are the opportunities in Rwanda currently?
As outlined above, biogas from Lake Kivu for power generation, landfill gas, sewage gas and biogas from organic wastes.

We also see potential to deliver high efficiency diesel-fuelled power generation infrastructure where diesel is the fuel of choice.

4) What is the business climate in Rwanda like?
From our experience of Rwanda we have been impressed by the positive, professional attitude of the government of Rwanda to facilitating business and creating a strong business friendly climate.

5)Why did you decide to partner with iPAD Rwanda again?
Clarke Energy partnered with IPAD Rwanda on the back of our experience of working with Spintelligent and Clarion across Africa. Spintelligent has a track record of delivering quality events, with high profile, relevant and targeted speakers in the power generation industry. I attended and spoke at last year’s event in Kigali and was impressed by the focus and turn-out at the event.

6) What will be Clarke Energy’s main message at this year’s event?
Utilise international experience to develop quality power generation infrastructure, backed up by localised aftersales support networks of service engineers. This is how Clarke Energy has become a leader in gas fuelled distributed power generation in Africa.

7) What are you most looking forward to at iPAD Rwanda?
Meeting relevant high profile professionals in the Rwandan power generation sector.

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