Franco“Where’s my meter for the African market?”

Exclusive interview with Franco Pucci, technical advisor for STS Association (Standard Transfer Specification)

chrisWith the active role GRIDCo is playing in the local and regional electric utility sector, I would like to see Ghana becoming a net exporter of power”

Exclusive interview with Dr Chris Mensah-Bonsu, Principal Technical Consulting Advisor for Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) and is co-owner of MB Energy in California, USA.

Ted“There is no such a term as ‘cost reflective tariffs’- it is a concoction by the Eskom executive”

Exclusive interview with Ted Blom, accomplished energy analyst and advisor to the energy and mining industries.

Diego“The water-energy nexus is complex and wide-ranging. Water and energy affect all other sectors, are critical to the economy and human wellbeing.”

Exclusive interview with World Bank’s senior economist, Diego J. Rodriguez, PhD on the water-energy nexus.

Paul“The nature of African projects is changing from government and social projects to private commercially viable initiatives”

Exclusive interview with Paul Runge, MD of Africa Project Access.

Lawrence“The next big conflicts in Africa will be on water usage”

Exclusive interview with Dr Lawrence Musaba, Coordination Centre Manager of the Southern African Power Pool, based in Zimbabwe.

Rudo“Our biggest challenge is climate change. We keep repeating the old unsustainable ways of developing energy sources and storing water.”

Exclusive interview with Rudo Sanyanga, Africa Programme Director at International Rivers and speaker at the upcoming African Utility Week in Cape Town in May.

Titus“We need to find new and innovative solutions to old problems. It is simply not enough to do what we always did.”

Interview with Titus Cohen Kasie, Mechanical Engineer, eThekwini Water and Sanitation (EWS) & Centre of Expertise.

Kevin“Four million people around the world die every year simply because they lack access to clean energy for their basic cooking, heating and lighting needs”

Exclusive interview with Dr Kevin Mortimer, Senior Clinical Lecturer in Respiratory Medicine.

MikhailAfrica may have the most to gain from energy storage, especially distributed types of storage, such as utility scale batteries.”

Exclusive interview with Mikhail Nikomarov, director and founder of Bushveld Energy.

Jagat“There was no investment by Government, except to allocate the canal top to the private sector to set up solar panels”

Exclusive interview with Jagat Shah, founder and chairman of Cluster Pulse on the Canal Solar Power Project in Gujarat, India.

Steven Gilham New Water“Seawater desalination provides an alternate source of potable water to the conventional surface and groundwater options, with the major advantage that it is drought proof”

Exclusive interview with Steve Gillham, General Manager: Engineering & Scientific Services, Umgeni Water

Silver Mugisha“Africa as a continent has the lowest share of the world’s total freshwater resources with an estimate of only about 9% and there are also large disparities among countries, and also between the urban and rural areas.”

Exclusive interview with Engineer Silver Mugisha, the Managing Director of National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC)

Viktor_Polikarpov“We truly believe that nuclear is the answer to providing reliable, clean, safe and affordable base load power”

Exclusive interview with Mr Viktor Polikarpov, Regional VP: sub-Saharan Africa for Russian nuclear energy firm Rosatom.