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ESI Africa brings you exclusive interviews from African Utility Week

Meet the movers and shakers in the pan African energy industry delivered to you in a unique series of in-depth interviews with speakers, sponsors and partners to the 15th annual African Utility Week & Clean Power Africa Conference through a premier media partnership with ESI Africa.

ChiboniExclusive interview with Chiboni Evans, CEO, SA Electrotechnical Export Council
“… the strain placed on our members by the constraints in our domestic environment has focussed our attention on the rest of the continent.”


SlimanExclusive Interview with Sliman Abu Amara, Area Manager Africa, DNV GL
“I believe that in 2020 we will see very strong deployment of solar technologies in Africa”


konradExclusive interview with Dr Konrad Bauer, from the German Federal Ministry
“Africa is a very strong growing market and the German companies see the high potential there”


jodieExclusive interview with Jodie Sherwin-Hill, Executive Director, Jomat Investments
“Change usually only occurs when something becomes so painful, the industry is left with no option”


ugoExclusive interview with Ugo Amadi, Chief correspondent, Champion Newspapers Lagos
“More IPPs must be built to meet Africa’s energy needs”


SIWExclusive interview with Siw Heggedal Longvastøl, Director, Innovation Norway
Norway carrying the torch of opportunity to Africa


Interview with Arturo Herrero, Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Emerging Markets, JinkoSolararturo
“We had great trust in the PV potential demand thanks to expectations created by South African authorities”


Exclusive interview with Alaric Pagel, Managing Director of WPI Power SolutionsAlaric
“My vision is for the energy industry to be radically realigned such as the privatisation of Eskom and municipalities to run as business units rather than branches of government.”


Dr Carlos Lopes, Executive Secretary, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)Carlos
“Cape Town is an example of a city that is building the ecosystem for a smart city with its investments in connectivity”


Exclusive interview with Stephen Olumuyiwa, Project Manager: Transmission, Niger Delta Power HoldingStephen
“We need to evolve the appropriate governance models coupled with the appropriate legal and commercial frameworks that will ensure the flow of the required finances.”


Exclusive interview with Aurelia Figueroa, researcher at the German Development Institute Auriala

“The DIE has conducted the first, to our knowledge, in-depth study of behavioural insights for energy efficiency among firms and households in developing and emerging economies.”


Exclusive interview with Eng Musara Beta Chief Market Analyst – Southern African Power Pool
“Collaboration in the electricity business has benefits that range from sharing of reserves, taking advantages of generation mix, different peak periods that the continent has.”



Exclusive interview with Stephen Apps, Senior Manager – Smart Grid SME, Accenture
“The Internet of Things is the beginning of creating Smart Cities and the Smart Environment”



Exclusive interview with Daniel Swanepoel, lead facilitator, Spintelligent Power & Utilities Management School
“We determined early on that emissions control in underground mines can be quite challenging for the mining houses.”



Exclusive interview with Charles Siwawa, CEO, Botswana Chamber of Mines
“The industry ought to have strong linkages that will have no political boundaries.”



Exclusive interview with Shantan Reddy, Deputy Chairman – Edison Power Group
“Eskom should shift their core focus on becoming mainly a generator of electricity and allowing a controlled measure of privatisation within the generation space as well.”


Exclusive interview with David Schaub-Jones, Co-Founder, SeeSawDavid Schaub-Jones
“SeeSaw is working in Angola’s second city, Huambo, to help the government and water utility gain a better understanding of the service level that customers experience”


Exclusive interview with Saliem Fakir, Head of the Living Planet Unit, WWFSAsaliem
“I think the future of energy in Africa will not be utility scale but rather autonomous models of supply and micro-grids”


Exclusive interview with Dr. Jens Reich, Director of STEAG Energy ServicesJens
“Any crisis drives innovation. That means in Sub-Saharan Africa we will see innovations in the field of energy leapfrogging.”


Interview with Craig Hart, Consultant at Energy ExemplarCraig
“Plan and Optimise. Optimise how we use what we have, as well as plan how we build for the future.”


dorothyExclusive interview with Dorothy Batenegi Mabuza, Divisional Head: Water Revenue Management Water & Sanitation Department
“The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality has adopted a 10-year Water Demand Management Strategy, comprising of programmes to effectively address, separately, technical and non-technical water losses”


Exclusive interview with Mr Hindpal S. Jabbal, former chairman Energy Regulatory Commissionhindpal
“Our short-coming is that we do not analyze the root cause of our problems, and do not learn from our past mistakes”


Interview with Engineer Harry Sikoma of Western ConsultingHarry
“By 2030, the water industry will provide continuous quality water supply services to 100% of the existing urban and peri-urban residents of the inhabited areas”


Peter Flower
Director of water & sanitation, Peter Flower

Interview with Jaco de Bruyn, Civil Engineer and Acting Manager City of Cape Town
“One challenge we foresee is that the relatively cheap price of water may have to escalate above inflation to enable the growing and ageing infrastructure system to be maintained and expanded for city growth.”


Exclusive interview with Bertrand Rochecouste Collet, Technical Director at AureconBertrand
“Often there exists many small generation sites, but the scarce network is also a challenge causing long interconnections and increased losses.”


Exclusive interview with Hein Boshoff, Head: Electricity Distribution AreaHein
“The two pilot Backyarder projects proved to be successful and Council is continuing with this approach in areas where the community is willing to accept these improvements.”


Interview with Cleverson Takiguchi: Business Development Director: Africa at S&C ElectricCleverson
“S&C have completed pilot tests with Eskom and within two months it had saved over 30 customer interruptions.”


Exclusive interview with Eng. David Onyango, Managing Director, Kisumu Water & Sewerage Company, KenyaDavid
“By adopting appropriate strategies and technologies, it is possible for utilities to serve the poor segments of society and do so without operating at a loss”


Exclusive interview with Greg Kaser, Senior Project Manager, World Nuclear Association GregKaser
“Nuclear power is not just about reducing your carbon footprint; it should be part of Africa’s development strategy”



Exclusive interview with Neil Arendse, Assistant Chief: Metals Theft Unit, CoCT
‘The City of Cape Town Copperheads “maintain an annual arrest and confiscation rate of 100 arrests and 1 ton of copper respectively”



Exclusive interview with Franco Pucci, Director, STS Association
“Get us a meter for the African market and the rest of the world will follow”


Exclusive interview with Gordon Molefe, Director Customer Engagement, Botswana Power Corporation
“Africa’s power utilities have to invest more in the energy sector to develop fellow African communities.”

Andrew Herscowitz Exclusive interview with Andrew Herscowitz, coordinator for Power Africa
“President Obama tripled our goals, from 10000MW to 30000MW and 20 million connections to 60 million new home and business connections”


Christo NichollsExclusive interview with Christo Nicholls, CEO: EPG Smart Utility Solution Division
“The achievements on the biggest smart meter roll-out project on the African continent at City Power, is undoubtedly a source of excitement for the Edison Power Group”


Thabo MahlatsiInterview with Thabo Mahlatsi, the acting unit head: Climate Change and Air Quality at the City of Joburg Municipality
“The mind-set that created the current world (energy) problems should not be the same mind-set to resolve them”


Exclusive interview with Sliman Abu Amara, Area Manager Africa, DNV GL – Energy, diamond sponsors at African Utility Week
“I see Africa’s lack of an extensive national grid network not as a challenge but as an opportunity: to develop and install a 21st century energy network”


 Exclusive interview with Klaus Gruebl, Sensus country manager in South Africa
“Currently in South Africa we have a water loss of around 38%, but we believe it is possible to reduce the loss by up to 20%”

paulExclusive interview with Paul T. Yillia, consultant at Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
“There is quite a lot of impressive work going on in trying to operationalize the nexus perspective on the continent”


RohitRohit Banerji, Senior Manager – Resources, Accenture in the UK
“Africa has a unique opportunity to leapfrog the rest of the world by using the latest building materials like HDPE and smart technologies now available”


Exclusive interview with Ashley Maistry, Senior Manager – Smart Grid Delivery Lead, Accenture, South Africa Ashley Maistry
“AMI touches and forever changes the following areas in the utility business”


Interview with Anton Booyzen, President of the Southern African Asset Management Association (SAAMA) Anton Booyzen
“SAAMA hopes to reach the decision makers in the utilities serving Africa to increase their awareness of the benefits of using solid, proven Asset Management principles”


Exclusive interview with Matteo Brambilla, director Building EnergyMatteo Brambilla
“Africa has the resources and power needs to demonstrate that renewable energy doesn’t need to be subsidized anymore.”