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Diamond sponsor interview: “Huawei’s slogan this year is Better Connected Smart Grid, Greater Energy Efficiency”

Shi Wei Liang smallExclusive interview with Shi Wei Liang, Vice President West African Region, Huawei Technologies Limited, Nigeria – returning diamond sponsors for WAPIC.

Let’s start with some news of Huawei’s latest successes in the West African region?

From last year, we have gained a lot of approbation from the power sector customers in West Africa. In Nigeria, one of these projects that Huawei is implementing will benefit 280,000 electricity consumers and power utilities themselves. We hope that it will really help the development of the West African power sector.

What difference are you making to the electricity consumer in Nigeria and beyond?

Although the infrastructure is incomplete, we should note that the government has committed to improving people’s livelihood. So the energy market in Nigeria needs to be improved as promised. With our outstanding solutions, Huawei will contribute to the improvement of the power sector in Nigeria.

Any current projects that you are particularly excited about at the moment?

In fact, Huawei is focusing on all power sector projects in West Africa.  Huawei has subsidiaries located in every country in West Africa. In Nigeria, for example, Huawei and partners has a team of more than 100 experts and a service team with over 4000 people, we are able to enhance the energy efficiency in West Africa.

What in your view are the main challenges to the sector at the moment?

The main challenge is how to join hands with all the stakeholders to efficiently improve the power infrastructure.

What is your vision for the industry?

Huawei’s Smart Grid technology enables global electricity operators to reduce the impact of power outages, improve grid management, and introduce renewable energy sources, with huge savings to the economy and environment.

Information Communications Technology (ICT) supports the construction of Smart Grids. Technologies include:

  • Optical transmission for wide bandwidth, low latency, and reliable grid communications backbone networks.
  • eLTE wireless broadband for low-cost private network access in urban areas that need complex power distribution automation, smart metering, and video monitoring services .
  • Cloud computing that creates unified platforms for data sharing, integration, mining, and analysis. Unified Communications and Collaboration provide cross departmental communication, improving enterprises’ operations.

What surprises you about the sector?

In the area of our project implementation, consumers’ outage times and frequency have significantly reduced. By improving infrastructure, both the power utilities and consumers get the benefits, which surprises us although this is not unexpected.

You were the diamond sponsors at WAPIC last year – what was the experience like?

As a diamond sponsor last year, we got the biggest booth and the best service, which helped more power utilities and consumers to better understand Huawei, and this is why we continue as a diamond sponsor this year.

Why did you decide to partner with us again?

Huawei has participated in many exhibitions in West Africa, we think WAPIC is one of the most professional events, both on a customer`s level as the quantitative. The visitors also learned a lot from meetings and the panels. Huawei hopes to achieve in-depth cooperation with you to optimize your agenda which will make WAPIC better.

What will your message be this year? What are you specifically hoping to accomplish?

Our slogan this year is Better Connected Smart Grid, Greater Energy Efficiency. This year Huawei will introduce how we help power utilities to reduce line losses, improve efficiency and achieve the green, efficient smart grid.

Anything you would like to add?

Huawei’s booth this year will be rich and varied, customers can experience it during the visit to our booth.

We will also hold Huawei’s forums to introduce the concept of Huawei Solutions of the Power sector and the construction experience in Nigeria on 2:00pm-5:30pm, 24 November. Huawei welcomes the participation of the stakeholders.



Ashley Theron
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