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Expert interview with Jannik Moller, Head of Unit Rural Electrification, GIZ, Nigeria

Jannik MollerExpert interview with Jannik Moller. Head of Unit Rural Electrification, GIZ, Nigeria. He will deliver a case study during the upcoming WAPIC session on “The Latest Innovation for Rural Electrification”.

Let’s start with your position at GIZ in Nigeria and what your work entails.

I am the Head of Unit, Rural Electrification. Implementation of mini grid pilot projects, GIS electrification planning and regulation for mini grids.

Any current projects that you are particularly excited about that you can share?

Still to come – however I do expect a lot from our mini grid pilot projects.

Should West Africa replicate the large-scale electricity grids of the developed world or is there a shorter path to rural electrification?

The answer might be mini grids/isolated grids powered by PV.

What are you views on off-grid solar power home systems for rural communities?

Fine with me – it all comes up to calculation on what is the cheapest way to electrify people. Solar home systems could be a solution in very rural areas and small villages.

What are the main challenges that are hampering rural electrification in the region?

Good regulations which could guarantee costumers 24/7 electricity, protection of the investors and electrification planning.

During the upcoming WAPIC session on “The Latest Innovation for Rural Electrification” you are presenting a case study. Can you give us a sneak preview of your message at the event?

Sustainable rural electrification must have a sustainable economy (this can be achieved in several ways), areas for rural electrification must be properly identified (planning) and customers need security (they might not trust the electricity provider), private investors need security for their investment (they should not implement a grid in an area where the distribution company will electrify few years ahead in time), thus a regulation to take care of this is needed.

What are you most looking forward to at WAPIC this year?

To learn about all the exciting news from the electricity sector in Nigeria, networking and having interesting conversations with people from the sector.

Anything else you would like to add?

I trust the WAPIC 2015 will be an exciting event.



Ashley Theron
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