African Development Fund

Prize funding earmarked for tech-based social entrepreneurs

Enel Foundation is stepping up its support to MIT's search for incredible tech-based social entrepreneurs all around the world.
global recycling day

S.Africa: Repurposing waste as an alternative energy source

South Africans are exploring alternative energy sources, while reducing landfill mass, by turning to the repurposing of waste material.

Ed’s note: Without technology, utilities will fail during- and post-COVID-19

Amid the 2020 global socio-economic upheaval, steady movement can be seen in the power and energy markets where utilities have embraced technology.
supply chain

Op-Ed: The manufacturing industry cannot ignore looming carbon tax

Implementation of South Africa's Carbon Tax Act is going to put a strain on pollution-heavy industries' bottom line, such as the manufacturing industry.

Tactics to reduce plastic and other ocean pollution simultaneously

Plastic bags and straws are not the only problem to ocean pollution, non-plastic pollutants such as nitrogen and phosphorous are just as harmful.
cost-reflective tariffs

Electricity distribution operators survived COVID-19 emergency

Electricity distribution operators successfully kept the lights on for the world during the lockdowns imposed in the initial stages of COVID-19 emergency.
Africa Day

Cause to celebrate Africa Day amid a lack of energy access

Africa Day, an opportunity to raise awareness on how diverse each African country is and the importance of this diversity in doing business in each region.
Team Africa

Africa: Building resilient economies through regional integration

The second Africa Regional Integration Index (ARII 2019) launched by the ECA, AfDB and the AUC, calls for African economies to deepen their integration.
Green Outcomes Fund

Op-Ed: Challenges faced by early-stage clean energy companies

Like many other sectors, early stage clean energy companies are heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the response of governments to it.
renewable power capacity

Global growth in renewable power capacity remains slow, not stagnant

The world is set to build fewer renewable energy installations marking the first annual decline in new additions in 20 years, according to the IEA.

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