Economic recovery from COVID-19 relies on the green economy

Janavi Da Silva, Director of Programmes at GreenMatter, unpacks the role of the green economy in creating employment opportunities while addressing critical needs in environmentally responsible economic activities, infrastructure and assets.


Andre de Ruyter

In conversation with André de Ruyter, Eskom CEO

Eskom, South Africa’s state-owned power utility, is at a turning point according to Group CEO, André de Ruyter. Professor Anton Eberhard, director of the Power Futures Lab at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business posed some questions to the power utility’s CEO.
LNG market recovery

LNG market recovery post-COVID-19: What’s next?

Commentary: Transformation of the LNG contractual structure vis-à-vis the growing share of spot and short-term trading and multilateral trading schemes is leading to increased market volatility.

Women in Energy: An interview with Ndiarka Mbodji

During this Women in Energy podcast, we speak to Ndiarka Mbodji, Founder and CEO of Kowry Energy about the contribution of women in energy.

Africa’s response to reducing greenhouse gases and preparing for COP26

With COP26 drawing closer, we reflect on current policies, laws and mechanisms of six countries and how they have developed and implemented policies in response to their undertakings under the Paris Agreement.
energy transition

Ed’s note: The revolution is in full swing, don’t be left behind

When industry giants, with decades of experience under their belts, take steps to give their business a facelift, you know things are afoot. What the impact will be, I could not guess.

Stricter reporting and enforcement on local empowerment in Africa

All indications are that more stringent reporting and enforcement of local empowerment requirements are on the way across much of Sub-Saharan Africa.