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About Unlocking Solar Capital: LAC

Date: 28-29 June 2018

Location: Miami, USA


In June 2018, we will organize the second edition of Unlocking Solar Capital LAC

Connect with top-level executives and engage in in-depth discussions to solve LATAM’s solar energy funding gap – and get projects realized

Developments in the regulatory and business environments throughout Latin America have led to significant growth in the region’s solar markets over last few years. However, access to capital, through well-structured bankable projects, remains a key challenge. To accelerate project development in the utility scale and distributed generation segments, Solarplaza will bring together financiers, investors, project developers and other key-stakeholders on 28 and 29 June in Miami. During Unlocking Solar Capital LAC we work towards solving the finance gap through open knowledge sharing,  in-depth discussions and intensive networking sessions – benefiting market development and your business.

Unlocking Solar Capital LAC will be Solarplaza’s 7th conference completely focused on bankability issues in emerging markets. Solarplaza has organized over 100 events worldwide, including leading conferences and trade missions in Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.