Climate finance – adaptation and mitigation

Roundtable broadcast date: Wednesday 9 June 2021

Duration: 90 minutes

11h30 GMT | 12h30 London | 12h30 Lagos | 13h30 Johannesburg | 14h30 Nairobi

Compounding climate challenges, COVID-19 has introduced multiple, intersecting systemic shocks, and one of its casualties has been the capacity to adapt and respond to escalating climate risks. Investments in climate adaptation fell short in 2020, even as millions of people were affected. The United Nations Environment Programme’s Adaptation Gap Report 2020 shows while nations around the world have advanced in planning, huge gaps remain in finance for developing countries and bringing adaptation projects to a stage where they bring real protection against climate impacts. Dr Roland Nkwain Ngam, programme manager for climate justice and socio-ecological transformation at the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, is based in Cape Town which he points out has issues such as drought and associated crop failure to deal with.  “We all know that the global community has decided to cap global warming at 1.5 degrees. The consequences of an overshoot are too catastrophic to contemplate and so, we need to invest more in adaptation strategies. Climate finance forces polluters to pay their fair share and we need to discuss the current mechanisms available.” Another speaker, Drew Corbyn, GOGLA head of performance & investment, approaches the concept of climate finance from a different angle. GOGLA believes off-grid solar products and services can help people become more resilient to climate shocks and build their adaptive capacity to climate change. “Adaptation funding has yet to feature strongly in sector investment – this is a missed opportunity we must address,” said Corbyn. Currently, finance organisations are looking at how to make sure measures that respond to COVID-19 pandemic created problems also contain mitigation measures for future pandemics. Attendees need to register their interest to attend ahead of the live session. which forms part of the Enlit Africa digital event between 8 and 10 June. This roundtable will ask, in the long run, how then does Africa climate proof our cities, energy sectors and water systems to adapt to longer term changes? Moderator: Claire Volkwyn, head of content, Enlit Africa, South Africa Subject matter experts: Drew Corbyn, head of performance & investment, GOGLA, The Netherlands Dr Roland Nkwain Ngam, programme manager, climate justice & socio-ecological transformation, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, South Africa


Jun 09 2021


11:30 am - 1:00 pm
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