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Exclusive interview with Dean Pratt, MarelliMotori’s Regional Manager Africa.  MarelliMotori is a platinum sponsor for Clean Power Africa

Dean Pratt
What are you most excited about currently in terms of Marelli’s products and solutions?

  • The past year’s outstanding results.
  • The progress in both the Italian and Malaysian factory expansions.
  • Increasing our global presence.
  • Major focus on strategic products (renewable energies, large machines, machines for hazardous applications and bespoke solutions)
  • Focus on service points.

What is on the calendar for MarelliMotori for 2013?

  • Obviously Marelli Motori plans for further growth.
  • To achieve further growth Marelli Motori has invested in technology, R & D and product development.
  • Additional human resources have been hired despite the difficult international scenarios.
  • Being unchanged we offer the same levels of quality and integrity.
  • Being more visible at conferences/exhibitions etc (Middle East Electricity in Dubai, 3rd Energy Forum in China, Clean Power Africa) to name a few. 

What opportunities do you see in Africa?

  • Africa is a giant continent with huge energy challenges but rich in natural resources. These natural resources could and should be utilised to improve the energy challenges which in turn would improve the quality of life for many people living on this continent.
  • Marelli Motori can assist with renewable energies (hydro, bio mass), oil and gas whenever energy and or power solutions are required.
  • Marelli Motori’s long lasting presence in Africa confirms our commitment to support the continent needs. The local office has been present in South Africa since 2001.

What do you think makes Marelli Motori competitive in this market?  

  • Quality.
  • Service.
  • Commitment to meet customer requirements.
  • Offering a wide range of products (hydro power generators, large machines, machines for hazardous applications and bespoke solutions).

What do you think are the biggest challenges to the South African/African energy market?

  • Financing of projects.
  • Slow decision making.
  • Lack of planning.

Why does Marelli Motori keep returning to Clean Power Africa?

  • 20% of Marelli Motori turnover is based on renewable energies (mini – micro power stations).
  • With over 600 hundred referenced sites across the globe this event offers us an opportunity to share our experiences.
  • To help ordinary people in Africa have a better quality of life.

What will be the main message that Marelli Motori has for the African Utility Week delegate and visitor?

  • With over 121 years of experience Marelli Motori is ready to advise on the best power solution for our customers’ application.
  • As part of its commitment to its customers Marelli Motori has in place a global support structure through the Marelli Motori sales, service and distribution offices located in: Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Malaysia, the USA and South Africa.  
  • Worldwide, Marelli Motori designs, manufactures and supplies in excess of 200,000 synchronous and asynchronous generators and electric motors to the power generation, renewable power, petrochemical and marine industries annually.

Anything you would like to add?  
Marelli Motori has a tradition dating back to 1891 when Ercole Marelli founded the company. Today Marelli Motori is recognised internationally as a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of synchronous and asynchronous generators and electric motors to the power generation, renewable power, petrochemical and marine industries to name a few. These products are available up to 9,000 kVA for generators and 5,000 kW for electric motors from 400 V to 15,000 V.