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Interview with Richard Doyle, Managing Director, 3E, South Africa, and speaker in the Clean Power Africa technical workshops on Solar and Wind on “Constructing monitoring in PV and Wind”.

Richard Doyle

You are presenting a technical workshop during the Solar/Wind track at Clean Power Africa on “Constructing monitoring in PV and Wind”, what will be your main message at the event?  
A review of the economics and other key issues for rooftop PV projects. The industry is still fairly immature. There will be considerable convergence. The role of Eskom DSM/SO and other interventions is key to the economics in many areas. 3E will present a national map of promising areas.

What in your view are the main challenges to implementing wind and PV in South Africa?
Economics economics economics (and a bit of regulatory steadiness). Wind is already at grid parity. PV on rooftop is just obvious. It is just a matter of time now.

Can you give us some examples of successful projects/case studies?  
3E has worked on almost 50 REI4P projects and is on its 8th private IPP project for PV. Projects are still confidential. I hope to be able to share more information by the conference.

What is your vision for the industry?
A liberalised energy market.  

What surprises you about the industry?
The lack of financial innovation by lenders.

What are you most looking forward to at Clean Power Africa?  
The reports of progress in building utility scale projects.

Anything you would like to add?  
South Africa believes that because wind and PV are mature that nothing will go wrong. Corners are being cut and we need a few problems before the industry grows up.