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Exclusive interview with Charles Iyo, Eaton Electrical Sector

The West African Power Industry Convention (WAPIC) brings together senior decision makers from utilities, governments, large power users, IPPs, consultants, contractors and regulators to source the latest solutions and technologies to meet the needs of their organisations.  We share some pre-event insights with high-level speakers and sponsors who will be at WAPIC.

Charles Iyo“Eaton is ready to build and nurture relationships across sectors for better energy future for Africa and Nigeria”
Exclusive interview with Charles Iyo, Regional Sales Manager, West Africa – Eaton Electrical Sector. Eaton is a bronze sponsor for the upcoming West African Power Industry Convention in Lagos.

Alexander Osei“The utilities are now seeing the light. They are beginning to realize the importance of WAPIC.”
Exclusive interview with Alexander Osei, General Manager, Management Information Systems, Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Ghana. At the upcoming West African Power Industry Convention (WAPIC), Mr Osei is chairman of the session on Power distribution solutions: a West African perspective.

Segun Adaju“I foresee a future where renewables will contribute at least 30% of the energy mix in Nigeria.”
Interview with Segun Adaju, Chief of Party, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Project, Winrock International, Nigeria. Mr Adaju is a speaker on day 2 of the upcoming WAPIC in Lagos, and will address the conference on: “Renewable energy solutions for productive use”.

S. M. Formanul“Africa has the advantage that there are many areas where it can start from scratch. In doing so, it can always choose the best and most sustainable technologies available in the world.”
Exclusive interview with S. M. Formanul Islam, the current Deputy CEO of Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL) in Bangladesh. He will address the upcoming WAPIC pre-event workshop on renewables on “Biogas-based power: A solution for power and clean environment”. IDCOL is a non-banking financial institution owned by the Government of Bangladesh and funded by various development partners including the World Bank, ADB, Islamic Development Bank, KfW, GIZ, DfID, JICA, SNV Netherlands Development Organization etc.

Dr Ransome Owan“Aiteo is interested in changing lives by powering the economies of Africa and the Sub-Saharan region for sustainable growth”
Exclusive interview with Dr. Ransome Owan, the Group Managing Director, Aiteo Power Generation and Distribution Company. Aiteo is a platinum sponsor at the upcoming WAPIC conference and expo in Lagos in November and Dr Owan will address the event on “The emerging investor-owned electricity industry in Nigeria and prospects for economic boom”.

Robert Dickerman“We decided early that it would not be possible to establish the trust of our customers and other stakeholders unless we develop and enforce a strict policy of integrity.”
Exclusive interview with Robert Dickerman, MD & CEO, Enugu Electricity Distribution Company. He will address the upcoming WAPIC in Lagos in November on “The practical challenges of modernising a utility network in a capital constrained environment”.

Ifey Ikeonu“Stakeholders must begin to look beyond national barriers in addressing the electricity sector challenges in the various countries of West Africa.”
Exclusive interview with Mrs Ifey Ikeonu, Council Member (Legal), ECOWAS Regional Electricity Regulatory Authority, Ghana.  During the session on regulatory frameworks and policies at WAPIC in Lagos in November, Mrs Ikeonu will address delegates on “Improving regulatory performance through benchmarking”.

Reynolds Dagogo-Jack“WAPIC has grown to be the leader in the promotion and deepening of trade, technology and investment across the region. This is commendable.”
Exclusive interview with Reynolds Dagogo-Jack, Chairman, Presidential Task Force on power (PTFP) in Nigeria.  Mr Dagogo-Jack is a high-level panellist during the open session of the upcoming West African Power Industry Convention from 18-19 November in Lagos.

Tony Elumelu“Our Group has ambitions to generate at least a quarter of Nigeria’s power consumption needs in the next five years.”
Well-known global business leader, financier, entrepreneur, investment guru and philanthropist Tony Elumelu is heading up a high-level list of power experts who will address this year’s West African Power Industry Convention (WAPIC) in Lagos on 18 November. Here is an exclusive interview with the Chairman of Heirs Holdings.