Can Nigeria’s power sector privatization help light up the West African region?
Electricity is the critical technology for African countries to master. The difficulty is more political-economic than technological. State ownership of power utilities is now giving way to privatization, and Nigeria is just one country to watch as the privatization of its electricity utility, PHCN, gets under way. The 8th West African Power Industry Convention (WAPIC) comes to Abuja, Nigeria in this context, to highlight fundamental issues on the business of power in this burgeoning West African country that plays a critical role as one of 15 member countries of the West African Power Pool.

Taking place at the Sheraton Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria from 28-30 November, WAPIC 2011 will assess the elements in the power industry ecosystem required for sustainable and equitable growth and promote public-private partnerships as a means of attracting foreign capital and increasing private-sector participation in electricity initiatives.

What to expect in 2011:

  • Updates on and deeper insights into Nigeria’s power sector privatization process – what lessons for the region?
  • An exploration under one roof of energy opportunities in both Francophone and Anglophone West Africa – learn how to navigate cross-border operations in a multi-lingual environment
  • A study of renewable energy initiatives and public-private partnerships as successful models for power development
  • Advice on developing bankable projects – understanding the power project value chain as it relates to the West Africa region
  • A guide to power distribution in West Africa – metering with an emphasis on distribution in rural settings, methodology in cost-efficiency, and loss reduction

Call for papers
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Submission deadline: 25 May 2011

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