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The company that monitored energy consumption at COP17

The South African company that monitored the energy consumption at the recent COP17 Climate Change Response Expo in Durban, Util Labs from Midrand, has developed unique technology which will enable South Africa to achieve its energy savings targets.

The Util Labs Low Voltage Smart System (LVSS) is a suite of applications, supported by smart devices that measure, monitor and manage the Low Voltage (LV) electrical network, creating a reliable, eco-friendly and efficient grid which enables utilities to improve their customer services.

COP17 energy monitoring
Says Paroshen Naidoo of Util Labs:  “We installed several of our latest LVSS devices at the temporary supply points at the COP17 Climate Change Response Expo, which measured and stored details of the consumption per phase in real time.  The area and expo was wired such that we measured the different marquees and different loads separately.  This gave the organisers the power to make decisions in line with reducing peak consumption and total consumption, in turn minimising their carbon footprint as a result of electricity usage.”  The public was given access to these real time and historical figures through Util Labs’ interfaces which were accessible through the homepage of the expo.

Paroshen Naidoo continues:  “The expo venue used 145 649.44 kWh worth of electricity in those two weeks.  If we compare this to household electricity use*, where an average household of 3 residents uses 6,000 kWh per year, the expo used more than 24 times the average household consumption for one year.   *Figures based on American consumption figures.

Knowledge key to achieve energy saving targets
The Util Labs’ Head of Company Operations says “knowledge is key to inspiring the behavioural change that is so crucial for South Africa to achieve its energy saving targets. When people have real time visibility of their household’s energy load, with instant insight into the fluctuations in consumption when appliances are switched on and off, they are not only empowered but also inclined to change their habits to cut consumption.”

African Utility Week
Util Labs is one of more than 300 technology innovators and service providers to the continent’s utility industry that are gathering for the annual African Utility Week from 21-24 May at Expo Centre in Johannesburg.   More than 4000 utility experts are expected to attend the event which will focus on all aspects of the energy sector on the continent with dedicated tracks on:  Metering, Renewables, Water, Large Industry, Infrastructure Investment, Transmission & Distribution/Smart Grids, Generation and Waste Management.

Event dates:
Conference:  22-23 May 2012
Exhibition:  21-23 May 2012
Pre-conference workshops:  21 May 2012
Site visits:  24 May 2012

Website:  www.african-utility-week.com
Event location:  
Expo Centre, Johannesburg

For more information:
Communications manager:  Annemarie Roodbol
Tel.  +27 21 700 3558      
Mobile: +27 82 562 7844
Email:  annemarie.roodbol@clarionevents.com

Util Labs:  www.utillabs.co.za