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The Africa Utilities Telecom Summit

Global Trade Association to Form African Division to Address Business Challenges in the Energy and Utility Sectors

Africa currently has no secure and reliable network that focuses on the utility sectors which addresses an increasingly critical element in the energy and utility value chain.

The Utilities Telecom Council (UTC) is a global trade association dedicated to create a favourable business, regulatory and technological environment for utilities that own, manage or provide critical telecommunications systems in support of their core business. The formation of the African Utilities Telecom Council (AUTC) will take place at the UTC’s third annual African Utilities Telecom Summit from the 17-19 November 2014, Maslow Hotel, Sandton.

There is a great need to expand electrification dwarfs across the wider Africa region. The demand for energy in Africa outweighs the supply. Existing energy businesses are tasked with addressing a range of business, environmental and financial drivers by their governments, regulators and customers. Typical of these are:

  • Greater efficiency throughout the energy life cycle of production, transmission, distribution and consumption by commercial and residential users
  • Emphasis on reducing use of fossil fuels and increases in renewable generation
  • Introducing local generation and demand side management
  • Improvements in quality of services, reduced outage times
  • Improvements in energy network utilisation and management
  • Implement smartmetering solutions to improve customer billing, protect revenue and improve returns on investment in energy
  • Use of microgrids either as stand alone units or running interconnected with primary grids

In addition, as utilities deploy advanced networks to support the growing international power pools, opportunities exist to leverage these networks for wholesale telecoms and the expansion of broadband services to businesses and homes.

“Delivering on these challenges and to improve business in this sector it is reliant on utilities to gather greater levels of intelligence from their networks through a substantial investment in the provision of new telecommunications technologies and services capable of meeting the special requirements of energy companies. Working together as part of a committed and focus group will greatly enhance success,” stated Connie Durcsak, UTC’s President and CEO.

The Formation of the AUTC

The African Utilities Telecom Council will be formed during specially designed sessions of the conference. These sessions will explain the proposed structure, organisation, governance and funding of Africa UTC. The benefits of membership and a proposal early stage activities will also be discussed. Once established, the AUTC board of directors will set the direction and programme of activities for the association in accordance with the needs of the membership.

For those directors, managers and engineers across the Africa region challenged with finding the most appropriate telecoms solutions for their businesses, joining with UTC’s utility members around the world will provide a wealth of knowledge and experience willingly shared in peer-to-peer relationships. Membership of Africa UTC will provide access to the global UTC utility network.

The formation of Africa UTC is supported by many industry bodies including: AMEU, PIESA, SAIEE, AFSEC, SAPP, WAPP, FTTH Africa and SANEDI/SASGI.

“AUTC is an opportunity for everyone delivering mission critical services to come together with a common aim of driving better value and improved quality of services for businesses through the use of new telecommunications technologies and services” said Peter Moray, UTC’s Director Global Development.

“Africa utilities will now have the opportunity to be part of a regionally focused organization with full access to the wider UTC community.

Africa utilities will learn from other utility companies, share their innovative ideas and solutions with others locally within AUTC, and global as part of the UTC organization” says Peter Moray.

If you are interested to become involved with AUTC, book for the conference or source more information visit: www.africautc-summit.com