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The 2015 Sub Saharan Africa Power Summit

Vale Media Group would like to thank everyone who contributed to the overall success of the 2015 SSA Power Summit. The initial feedback has been extremely positive and we are delighted with how well our unique format has been received amongst our attendees. Vale Media Group offer a specialised programme which comprises 1-2-1 meetings, panel discussions, presentations and networking to create gateways for relationship building and new business opportunities.

Events and Marketing Manager (Natalie Stone) of Vale Media Group commented ‘after months of hard preparation for the Summit, I am very pleased with the initial feedback received. I will strive to continue to meet the needs of our clients and will always look to improve our product for future endeavours. I would like to thank everyone who attended the Summit and look forward to continuously supporting their efforts in Sub Saharan Africa.’

President and Co Founder (Matthew Hewitson) of Vale Media Group reflects on the 3 days spent at the 2015 SSA Power Summit and what lessons were learnt on site ‘it is well known to us all that the biggest inhibitor to growth within the African Sub Continent is the access to reliable, cost effective power. With the abundance of fossil fuels and renewable energy sources there is an imbalance between what power can be generated and what is currently being generated.

This is the reason that Vale Media wanted to bring the industry heads together from the service companies and power companies so we can look at how the industry can collaborate and knowledge share to improve the power industry as a whole. I think we learnt that the National Power Companies need to evolve from the old model and embrace new models that can offer cheaper and more reliable power to its customers. The importance of IPP’s and offering them favourable PPA’s in order to make the investment worthwhile.

Financing models which will reduce the use of sovereign guarantees and make bankable projects easier to achieve. Continent wide collaboration and power pooling. Embracing new technologies that can improve efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership to the asset owners.’
To gain access to the 2016 SSA Power Summit, you will need to register your interest early so please get in contact by emailing: natalie.stone@valemediagroup.com