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Solar impact cases in Nigeria

Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, is home to the second-largest off-grid energy market in the world, trailing only behind India.

According to the International Energy Agency, around 77 million Nigerians are either underserved by, or completely lack access to, the national electricity grid.

Not only does this pose major environmental challenges, but it also comes with its own set of health and safety issues. That is where solar power comes in. Solarplaza recently published a report titled “Solar Impact Cases”, presenting three different cases in which solar power has caused a positive impact in the lives of those unelectrified communities and individuals in Nigeria.

The report highlights three companies – Havenhill, Sosai and Auxano Energy – that made it their priority to bring safe, clean and reliable electricity to all Nigerians in need. Electricity generation using solar power has an enormous potential to tackle Nigeria’s unreliable energy supply, and can also help to diversify the country’s power mix, which is heavily reliant on gas-fired and hydropower stations. Each of these three cases focuses on a different type of impact, ranging from economic development to educational benefits.

This report comes in preparation for the third edition of The Solar Future Nigeria conference on 4-5 December 2019 in Lagos, Nigeria. This 2-day conference will be hosted in collaboration with All On and USADF and is the industry’s key platform for all stakeholders to connect and exchange knowledge. The Solar Future Nigeria will cover a broad spectrum of solar industry topics and segments: from commercial and industrial (C&I) developments to mini-grid and off-grid initiatives. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of Nigeria’s leading solar energy event.

For more information regarding the program, speakers, attendees, and registrations, please visit: https://nigeria.thesolarfuture.com/

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